Sunday, 13 January 2013

Keep going


So we’re on the eve of Week 9 and there’s under 4 weeks to go for Round 4.  This round has absolutely flown by.  I’ve been neglecting to update how I’m going with my goals for this round AKA my personal weekly milestones.  I mentioned that this week I made a few specific, extra goals.  I’m really excited about them and am working hard to achieve them – but I have goals coming out of my ears and I just need to stop, take a breath, reassess and reset.  I said I’d reassess goals every 4 weeks so here we go!


I’ve achieved some goals and just tonight achieved one of my Week 12 goals, to fit into my black one shoulder dress!  I hadn’t tried it on since I set the goal at the start of the round, so I thought I would try it on to see how it was going.  AND IT FITS!  I am so excited.  I have to actually wear it out but I am just happy it does up.  When I last tried it on, it wasn’t even close to zipping up.

There’s a lot of goals and ‘keeping me on track goals’ that I have to jump on top of and make happen.  I’ve had to reschedule / postpone a lot for a combination of reasons.  Some internal excuses (or should I say ultimate slackness!) but there has been some external, unavoidable excuses too.  I’ve just gone through and rescheduled the goals that I haven’t done yet.  This week I have promised myself that I will get re-organised so this will all feed into that.  I have a bit more work to do to make these things happen but I thought I’d give an update on where I am at with them.  You can see my table below and I'll update my Goals page above soon.

I’ve been speaking to a few friends this week about goals: predominately in relation to 12WBT.  I’ve noticed some people on Facebook and in the forums getting really down on themselves for not achieving what they wanted by now.  Some have had old habits return, or old ghosts revisit.  I can’t stress enough to them that this is ok.  We put so much pressure on ourselves to perform: in all areas of life.  The only truth is, that we are not perfect.  We try to be and want to be, but we are not, and can be.  Once we let go of this, it gives us the freedom to fail and stand up again.

There’s a recent Australian quit smoking campaign (apparently, I never saw it) that reminds people that it may take a few times to quit smoking.  Not to give up.  Maybe it will take 12 attempts.  Ultimately the first 11 attempts are needed, for the 12th to work.  It took me 3 attempts to quit smoking myself.  But the third time was ‘the’ one.
The same with weight loss, and any goals.  We need to be a bit kinder to ourselves.  These goals that I have listed here – heaps of them are overdue!  That’s ok though, I’m just resetting and replanning.  I’ll eventually get there.  Just like it may take us 4, or 45 attempts at losing weight. 

I have not had a perfect round of 12WBT so far.  I stuff up all the time.  All the time!  But we need to remember that we need those failures and ‘stuff ups’ in order to grow, and in order to ultimately get ahead.  And over time, those ‘stuff ups’ truly get less and less.

We can take steps backward all the time, it’s ok.  As long as we keep moving forward in between.  2 steps forward and 1 step back is still 1 step forward.

Go easy on yourselves: you’re on the right track.

Keep going.

Lotsa love, Coco xxoo


  1. Such a good post Kate and so true. I just wrote on my blog last night that I wanted to achieve more sleep but I knew it wouldn't be achieveable all the time because I'm not PERFECT... but that doesn't stop me from working to achieve the goal and it doesn't matter if I fail every now and again - it's the consistency aspect rather than the "all the time" aspect that will get us there! Love the black dress too :)

  2. You are looking HOT!
    Love your blog! Very inspiring for a newbie to 12wbt like me.