Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Jumping aboard my (exercise) train


The QLD crew at the parkrun Perth smackdown!
It feels like forever since I posted here but I checked and it was actually just on Friday ;)  Maybe because that's because I have SO much to say and SO much on my mind!  I won't bore you with everything and I have a few enthralling topics I want to write about over the next week, but for now I just wanted to chat about some of the training that I've been doing.  For no reason other than I've been doing some different things which have been pretty cool and I have a lot of awesome photos that I wanted to share!

I am getting more into the training lately.  This has been a slow process.  From someone who wouldn't run for a train to someone who has a self confessed addiction to boot camps, it's been an interesting 7 months.  I was thinking the other day that if I wasn't trying to lose weight, that I wouldn't train.  Because, I'm not going to lie, I don't like exercise.  If there were no or limited health benefits to be received, I would be on the couch and NOT running around a sports field.

The most beautiful smackdown supporters
However I called myself on this.  Because some of it, I do enjoy.  Mish's challenge for us last week was to say what our favourite type of exercise is and why.  I chose boot camps (of course).  But what got me was my answer.  I said that it was because I get excited about getting out of bed every day to go.  Seriously, Kate?

Umm, yes, I do.

More on boot camps below but I just wanted to mention that.  I used to get excited about getting up out of bed to eat a calorie laden breakfast.  Now it's to sweat profusely and smell badly on a football field.


I'm getting my training on and loving it :)


My hair!
A few weeks ago I participated in the 1st Inaugral QLD vs. Perth Crew Smackdown!  Basically it was a fun state vs state event, using parkrun as our vehicle.  Our teams geared up at various parkrun's across QLD and Perth and we did our 5km in a fierce battle!  The stats were prepped and QLD came first!  But the winners were everyone who participated, and especially those who walked with me.

I was moon booted up at the time and was in pain to walk let alone be allowed to run.  But I had someone walking alongside me the whole time, and others came back to do the last stint with me also.  I felt so supported and it was such a fun morning.  And I was very relieved that the blue spray washed out of my hair!

Twigs in my undies: PT!

Awesome session
I did my 1st PT session in about 10 years!  And it was awesome!  It was full on!  But I loved it.  It was a cool experience remembering what it's like to have dedicated 1 on 1 attention in a training situation.  I used to do PT regularly and loved it (and also was in love with my gay, male PT, but that's a whole other story) so it was great to revisit this way of training.  AND afterwards I went to the bathroom and found twigs and leaves....ummm....in....there.  hahaa!  I don't know how that ended up happening!  I joked that from now on clients should be judged on this criteria.  If they don't end up with twigs and leaves in their....region....then they haven't worked hard enough! ;)

PB with a recovering injury - rock on!: FITNESS TEST!

Running my time trial again!
We did our Week 8 fitness test with the QLD Crew on the weekend and I am so happy with my results!!  You can see them here: Coco's Stats  What I was most excited about was my time trial.  I shaved just under 4 min. of it but that wasn't a really true reflection as my last one was done walking because of my ankle.  This one I was able to run (!) (more on that in a second).  But what was cool was when I compared my time later, I realised that it was a PB for me - I beat my last running time, which was 12 weeks ago - after 2 months of not running.  There is so much to be said for fitness :)

My freedom is back: RUNNING!

The view :)
So yes, you read that right, I AM RUNNING AGAIN!!!!  Can you tell that I'm excited about this??  It has been over 2 months.  The princess accident was the 2nd November so I really haven't ran since October.  And you know how much I have missed it.  Well, I am finally back, baby!

Last week I tested running at boot camp for a couple of days.  Just very light running in the soft grass.  And it went ok :)  I didn't push it though.  Then last week I was driving over the Story Bridge one night at around 7:30pm and I noticed that there were people jogging across the bridge.  I decided I wanted to do that too.  I am never spontaneous.  I haven't properly ran since October.  It's a bridge.  It's night time.  I've just finished boot camp.  I didn't know how to gain pedestrian access to the bridge.

Dodgy unfocused selfie of my running smile!
Who cares - I was going to do it!  And I did it.  It was amazing.  I pulled my car over to the side of the road as soon as I could, in the city, and found my way to the bridge.  I love Brisbane's skyline at night, so it was really pretty being up there and completely refreshing with the breeze etc.  But the coolest thing was running again.  I took it easy - I ran across then ran/walked/ran back as I knew that's what my ankle could cope with, but I did it.  I feel full of freedom when I run and being on the Story Bridge just made it a bit more special for one of my first 'runs' back.  

Since then I've ran a bit in boot camps etc.  It's not completely healed yet as it's quite weak and tonight it's actually hurting, I think I have pushed it a little.

But I will take care of it.  I am just so thankful to be able to run again :)  Look out pavement, I'm about to pound you!

#addictedmuch: CAN'T GET ENOUGH BOOTY

My water pistol was broken!
Ahhh I am seriously in love with boot camps!  I've upped this a bit and am so lucky to have found some boot camps that I adore.  I realised how much I loved them when I realised I was using them as a form of reward for myself.  eg. when I walked the Brisbane Kokoda twice that day, I was pushing myself because boot camp was on soon and I didn't want to miss out.  It was like a reward of not going slowly when I wanted to.  "Keep up Kate, boot camp awaits!" ;)

I started a new set of boot camps this week - a very appreciated Christmas present from my family.  The first one was on Monday - I was looking forward to them and wanted to do them, yet on the morning I was a ball of riddled anxiety!  It was seriously like my first boot camp, all over again!

I literally almost turned around and went home twice on my way there.  I was petrified.  I decided it would be really hard, I wouldn't be able to keep up, that everyone else were athletes and that they would laugh at me.  I wasn't cut out for this.  I went to the wrong park at first.  I had a teary moment when I got there.  But I showed up.  And I LOVED IT.  Seriously, I have been counting down the days until the next one.  And even better, my usual boot camps have got extra sessions at the moment....so now, I CAN DO BOOT CAMP EVERY DAY!  And twice on Wednesday's!  I am in love, it's like it's Christmas every day ;)  I don't want to sound like an idiot but I seriously love them so much.  With boot camps and other stuff, I think I've slept past 4:30am once in the past fortnight, but it doesn't bother me.  Oh, and..I think my insomnia's gone.  It just took a while to settle. :)

We also had a couple of water fights at some boot camps last week which were so much fun.  I haven't played like that in a long time.  To start off the day with a boot camp and a water fight, it's just the best :)

So there you have it!  There's some of the activities I've been up to.  I'm in the middle of reassessing at the moment and I still have so much to update you on, but for now I just wanted to have a chat about the exercise.  That I love.  And don't hate.  Who am I? :)

PT renegade rows :)


QLD Crew doing our fitness test together


A Kate wall again.  Singing to take away the pain.  I need to work on my wall sits!

Boot camp water fight #2 :)

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