Monday, 29 February 2016

Tomorrow is "Take Control Day"!

Thanks so much for everyone's support about my quest I shared in my previous post, about how I'm stopping Diet Coke...tomorrow.  1st March.  Eeek!  Just one more sleep.  I read my post again and I think I actually came across a little defensive in it.  Everyone's actually been so supportive and encouraging.  I think the comments I
My last "first DC of the day", in the car this morning
get in real life had me a bit nervous that I'd get the same lectures online.  But nope.  So, thank you. :)

I cracked open my last can before, and (a very hopeful sign), didn't feel like finishing it, so I put half in the fridge to finish off later.  I'm sipping on it now, as I type.  Then tomorrow, no more!  

I'm so used to stocking up that I accidentally bought an extra 30 pack of DC last week!  They were on special so I automatically picked up two packs.  It wasn't until I got home that I realised I won't even get through one pack before the 1st of March.  I'm so used to trying to have enough for up to 9 a day, that it was an automatic purchase.  I am going to save so much money from this...

Tomorrow I'm also restarting weight loss wise, for the 622149025th time.  I've been so quiet on social media lately, and when I do that, you can be pretty certain that I've fallen off the wagon.  Which I have.  I can't tell you how backwards I've gone.  Well, I can, and I'm sure it'll come out over the next few posts.

My last DC from the vending machine today

There's not much I can share on Coco Girl stuff when I'm not on track.  Apologies to those who started following me on Snapchat, I was all excited to set it up, but I know my feed has been extremely quiet and boring!  As of tomorrow though I'm pretty sure I'll be posting away on everything again!

I haven't done any preparation or planning for tomorrow, other than setting the date and working towards it mentally, and going to the shops quickly this afternoon to stock up on food for the next 4 days.  I prepped everything when I got home - something I haven't done in a couple of months.  My lunch bag is ready to pick up in the morning.  I got a new lunch bag at Christmas (from Kmart, if you like it).  Tomorrow's the first day I'll actually use it after having it for two months - as I haven't been prepping or packing my food.
My 'new' pretty lunch bag!

There's so much more to chat about, but for now this is just a quick post to say tomorrow, 1st March, is the day I take control back of my health, again.

Remember, we only truly fail if we stop trying.

Love Kate xx 

I didn't know you could get frozen strawberries!

Or mango.  As in, there's nothing else added.

So good when fresh strawberries aren't very nice and are expensive (like now)

It's been a long time between meal preps

Sorry I've been quiet

My last DC...