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This weight loss thing is tough.  

I know it.  

If you've been or if you are a similar weight to me, you know it too.  

I get a lot of messages and emails asking if I have any tips or anything that I can share. 
My biggest advice
Occasionally I get all excited and ramble on in posts with little things that I do that helps, or has helped me.  

So I thought I'd put it all together on one page, so that if you're struggling, if you're overwhelmed, or if you don't know where to start, some of these things might help you.  I'm absolutely no expert.  I am just Kate and this is what worked for me.  Take what you need and leave the rest.  These things won't work for everyone, and that's ok.  You've gotta find what gets you going and what works for you.  If you like something, take it and try it out for yourself.

I'll add to this page when I can.  Most of these things are my own posts, photos and videos, but I'll include some things that have really inspired me (and give full credit).

More than anything, please remember just one thing: you absolutely can do this.  You can actually do anything.  Never, ever forget that.

Love Kate xo


A little inspiration to start things off

There is an amazing video that just blows my mind.  You need to watch this video before you read any further.  Trust me.  Whatever you want to do - whether it be health and fitness related, or anything else; if you want to get fired up, then watch this video.  I jotted down the best bits onto my photo...all credit given to this stuff is so powerful, and so true.

Watch this:


So, you want to lose weight? 

Or maybe you've tried it before.  And failed.  It's ok, I've failed about 742 times and counting! 

There's so much to focus on it can be hard to know where to start.  I wrote this post for a friend, but it's ended up being for everyone out there who may be struggling, or who may just need a helping hand in getting started and on their way.

It's like all of my main tips, in one post:

Dear Gorgeous Girl


Get reacquainted with stickers

When I was about 11, my Dad worked away from home for about a year and during that time he would send us kids 'postcards' with personal messages on the back of sheets of
Me and my current chart
stickers.  It was the best thing ever.  Brand new stickers for my sticker album.  I was in love.

Here's a little widely unknown fact...stickers are just as exciting when you're 21, 31, 41, any age.  Trust me.  I use sticker reward charts to help me stay on track with losing weight, and the reward of getting a sticker pushes me along like nothing else.  Give it a try :)

I work my sticker chart in conjunction with a rewards jar, where I collect coins to reward myself at the end of each challenge.  How I work mine:

I started this because I realised I couldn't make myself hit specific weight number targets. It is possible (ooh yeah I know it!) but it's not something I can easily control. What I can control, however, is making sure I do the important stuff, the main things that will give me my best chances to get to those weight targets. I still aim for those numbers, but I judge myself on the actions to get there, rather than the outcome. 

So, how this works is, at the end of every day, I determine whether I met what I deem as my
'magic 4' goals:

  • Nutrition (did I eat within my calories / did I eat reasonably what I planned / did I make the best food choices I could / did I record what I ate) 
  • Training (did I follow my training plan / did I do all of my planned exercise; rest days are included, I get a sticker for having one as planned. I'm reasonable with this, for example if I'm sick or have an emergency to deal with and genuinely don't physically have the time, I get my sticker. But it has to be genuine. Skipping a run because I don't feel like it does not count. I'm pretty strict yet reasonable in my judgings!)
    Rewards jar, and weight loss jars: kg's lost & kg's to go
  • Sleep (did I sleep at least 7 hours. There's no assessing on this one, I either did or I didn't!) 
  • Water (did I drink pretty close to 30mL of water per kg I weigh + 1L per hour of exercise I do). 

My #operationbirthday chart helped me so much
I get $1 in my rewards jar (jar on the far left above) per star sticker I get. On Sunday nights, at the end of each week, if I get 7 stickers for any one thing (eg. 7 nutrition stickers, like I hit my nutrition goal every day), I get a bonus "well done!" or "top job!" sticker and $2 in the jar!

And this is yet to happen but if one day I manage to get 7/7 for each nutrition/training/sleep/water, then I get a bonus $5!

This time I've added a few more bonuses I can earn, for example I get $2 per weekly challenge I complete, and a couple of other things. And that's how I work mine! It's a good way for me to save reward money as otherwise
it doesn't happen. The money I collected for
#operationbirthday paid for a new Kardashian handbag & Mish crop top and paid for me to go to Marathon School! At the end of Week 3 for #operationhomerun
I have earnt myself $49. It's amazing how much stickers can spur you on when you're, umm, not 11 years old. This makes me want to get all the stickers
, and therefore, do all the work.  The weight loss is a byproduct :)


Losing weight in 5 simple steps

I wrote a post that, unlike the majority of my blog posts, was seemingly short, and to the point :)

It's a list of my top 5 suggestions on how to lose weight.  We can rattle on for days with convoluted explanations and lessons, but really?  This is cringe-worthingly cliche, but it's not rocket science.  When it gets down to the nuts and bolts of it, these are the 5 simple things that I think you need to remember:

5 Steps To Help You Lose Weight

Kate Does Life

In 2012, I watched the "Ben Does Life" video and got inspired. I wanted to do a "Kate Does Life" and run a half marathon.  So, I did!  And I made this video. This is how I found my feet and ran....hopefully it will help you to see that anything is possible - if you make a goal and work to make it happen :)


Operation Birthday

I had a big weight loss goal leading up to my birthday in January 2014.  The result was nothing short of a fairy tale, but the work to get there was anything but.  I worked my backside off and lost over 20kg in the 12 week 12WBT round.

Here's how I made it happen:

Working for the dream

And here's the end result:

Dreams can come true


Getting organised

I am one of those stationery-holics, spreadsheet adoring, to do list loving, organise-y type
people.  Colour coding makes me go weak in my knees and I'm a firm advocate that star sticker charts should be used at all ages.

I've written a couple of posts about how I get myself set up for 12WBT rounds, so here's a few of them, in random order, in one place:

Operation organised

Introducing...Operation Home Run

Head down, bum up

My plans and my goals for Round 4

What Kate Did Next

My goals for Round 3!

There's something about Post-It notes


Every kg

Here's a little chart you can make yourself.  

It can be a long time in between kg's.  Especially when you have a fair amount of weight to lose.  But you should actually celebrate losing every single kilogram...and here's why.

Every kg


It's never too late

When I was in high school, I never did my cross country properly.  I couldn't run - and
wouldn't run.  I would eat M&M's and walk defiantly at the back, glaring at the teachers who made me participate.

Last year I realised that I had always felt like I had missed out because I never completed it.  So I decided to change that...I donned a school uniform, snuck back into my school on a weekend, and ran my cross country as an adult.

Because now I could.

It's never too late :)

The day I went back to school


If you can dream it, you can do it

I have a page that is all about my running - but I thought I'd share a couple of those posts here.  In 2012 I could run for 200m only.  I worked my way up to 30km and am just a couple of months off running my first full marathon.

But here's how I ran my first 5km:

If you can run 1km, you can run 5km!

And here's how I ran my first half marathon:

If you can run 200 metres, you can run a half marathon


Countdowns and reminders!

I'm a big fan of using reminders and countdowns.  Everywhere.  

I have about 5 countdown apps on my iPhone that I look at daily.  They give me countdowns
to my weight loss goals, challenges, running events etc.

I also have little bits of brightly coloured card that I write the current weeks goal on, and stick them up around my house.  Glancing at them, in my bathroom, my bedroom, the kitchen pantry, the back of the front door etc. keeps my current mini goal at the forefront of my mind.

I have some goal stuff up on my work desk and often as screensavers on my phone.

Surround yourself with inspiration and reminders of what you're working towards.  Immerse yourself into what you really want in any way you can.


30 Plus Crew

I am the proud member of the 12WBT 30 Plus Crew.  If you need a pick-me-up, check out some of our videos :)


Operation Yellow Dress
Operation Yellow Dress

The scales aren't the only measure of progress.  I always have a piece of clothing that I want to wear, and I take progress photos each week until I fit into it.  

I've had a blue work dress, a green dress, a denim jacket, a leather jacket, I have a red dress and pink underwear... but it all
Operation Blue Work Dress
began with a yellow dress...

Here's the whole story :)


More posts to come...these are just a few to start off... :)

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