Sunday, 1 October 2017

Since the 1st July series: overview


So I reset myself on the 1st July and today is the 1st October.  It's been 3 months - or 13 weeks and 1 day.  It's about time I start sharing what I've been doing!

As I said a couple of posts ago, I genuinely mean to blog, but I get so ridiculously overwhelmed, so easily, that I put it off.  Not just blogging, but everything.  I haven't opened my Facebook in 3-4 weeks.  The little red notifications number must be capped at 99,
A screenshot of my Facebook app #shakes
because it was 99 more than a week ago, and it keep refreshing.  The more refreshing it does, the more I get overwhelmed, and the more anxious I get about opening up the app.

So I don't.

And it just gets worse (I get more behind).

It sounds ridiculous, because it is.

But that's how overwhelm rolls.

And it's the same with blogging.  As I said on that post I just mentioned, I had a genius idea to write a list of topics to direct me to write a series of shorter posts.  Wonderful!

That list is yet to be put together (I have 3 half lists).  That in itself makes me overwhelmed.


I'm just going to start writing and see where it takes me.  This is going to be an overview, and then step by step, just like all good journeys, I'll choose and write about one aspect of what I've changed / been doing.  And then write the one after that.  And then the one after that.  Like the quote I used on Instagram this morning:

"You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain."
(Tom Hiddleston)

So, where I am at today?

-16.7kg down, since resetting on 1st July.  This is my current monthly weight loss chart (I weighed in this morning to get September's result, so it is as up to date as you can get!

While my weight has been going down (since 1st July, anyway!), everything else has been going up and down, like most humans.  (Life was never meant to be straight and stagnant, was it?)

My food has been up:

and down:

My emotions have been up:

and down:

My habits have been down:

and up (yes, I changed the order of this one on purpose because I've battled this one, go me!)

(I did keep scrolling)

You get the picture.  I've had some of the best days of my life and some of the worst.  And while I am an actress, I am not being dramatic.  It's been a whirlwind few months of ups and downs.

But through it all, not only have I gotten through it; I've maintained myself on this health journey, and I'm pretty frigging proud of myself for that.

Let me let you go for now, so I can get onto start writing the first post of the series of "Since the 1st July".🙂

This post only took me an hour to put together completely - I'm pretty impressed!  Let's see how I go with keeping my posts short and succinct.  Two words that I have never quite grappled so far in my early-mid age.

Thank you for those who have been following me, some of who have done so for years.  It's those of you who see what I believe in my heart, that I will eventually break through all of the barriers that I am trying to break through.

"Thank you", will never be enough.

Love Kate xoxo

P.S. Check out Michelle Bridges' new book, "Keeping It Off".  It got released this week and there's a very special page that you should check out: page 39.😉  It's a bit about me!  Congrats Mish on tackling such an important subject.  I don't need to explain the relevance of the book's topic to me.💗

Mish's new book

Page 39🙂

P.P.S. I've still been updating my Snapchat and Instagram stories more than I have any other social media lately.  (They're identical, I record on Snap and then upload onto Insta as soon as (and if) I have time, so Snap is more in the moment and used more.)  But if those platforms interest you, then you can find me there in the (many times) I'm not blogging).🙂  My Snapcode is:

And then, of course, my beloved Instagram.  I feel like I've been posting less since I started using Snap and Instagram stories, but it's still a constant for me:

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