Friday, 31 May 2013

I do like cuddles!

Helloooooooo!  So I've been very quiet on here lately, I'm sorry.  I've been really busy but also I've just been taking some thinking time...this week is one year since I started 12WBT and so maybe I am just doing some old fashioned reflecting.

I thought I'd stop by and say hi and tell you about this little thing that happened tonight.  It's not really significant but I want to tell someone...anyone reading this, this is your lucky day ;)

Some of you may remember a month or so ago I had some issues with GP's.  My long standing GP deeply offended me for the last time - and then I had a horrific week of hospitals and tests, amidst multiple GP's, one of which reduced me into hysterics in a waiting room.  Fun times.

Well I've miraculously managed to steer clear of doctors since then.

Then, the other night, I had a massive pain in my chest.  Huge pain.  It literally felt like someone ---- or an elephant --- was sitting on my chest.

Uh, oh.

It lasted for a good 5 minutes.  It was the worst chest pain I have ever experienced.  I was scared and I didn’t know what to do – I deliberated for ages but in the end I took my advice I give everyone after my experience last year to NEVER ignore that kind of pain.  I sought advice, and it resulted in me visiting my old GP tonight for a check up.  I didn't feel like going, after my last visit I haven't been very impressed with him.

He checked me over and said that he was confident that it wasn't a blockage.  He said that I don't really have any risk factors.  My age was one – generally speaking I wasn’t old enough to have had time to develop a blockage.  He told me to come back in 8 years!  He said my cholesterol and blood pressure were brilliant.  And he was super impressed (read: surprised!) that I quit smoking.  I have practically lived in his office since I quit over a year ago, but hey, I'll take any kudos from him while I can.  He then said "You're a bit cuddly, but..."

Cuddly?  Last time it was 'obese'.  I am now cuddly?  Awesome!  I do like cuddles!  I felt like a teddy bear rather than an awkward rhinoceros.  After our last chat I am hyper sensitive to his every word, but I think ‘cuddly’ is good.  I know I’m still 40kg overweight, to be called cuddly instead of obese by Dr Blunt is pretty good, right?

In not so many words, he basically said that my health was too good to be of any concern.  After the medical year of hell, everything he was saying was music to my ears…it was akin to….well, a cuddle!  It was like he was sprinkling fairy dust on me and saying ‘well done’.  It felt kinda awesome.  He did say he believed the pain to be anxiety and stress exacerbated heart burn, so not all is great, but at least that’s something I can manage.  (It’s been a tough week). 

I didn’t start this journey with health as my top priority or goal.  That fell into the mix after I had started.  I began it for more emotional and superficial reasons.  But I realised tonight that to be told that I am not a huge risk, and that a lot of that was my own doing, made me feel happy, relieved, and a bit proud.  We actually have a lot of control over our health.  I saw this picture a year ago when I started this thing and I kept it and it’s always stuck in my mind.  See what we can do?

Don’t underestimate your ability to improve your health…one step at a time.  It all counts xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Happy 12WBT Sign Up Anniversary to me!

Exactly one year ago today, I signed up for 12WBT....!

Best decision ever.

Bring on the next year xo

Monday, 20 May 2013

Operation 'Yellow Dress' returns!

Soooo…I have a new ‘yellow dress’!  And when I say ‘yellow dress’, I don’t mean an actual yellow dress, and when I say ‘yellow dress’ I actually mean several.

For anyone who doesn’t know the yellow dress story, see here.  Essentially it was a random dress I wanted to fit into, so I took weekly photos of how it was fitting to keep me accountable.

I have a few items that I have tried on lately that I would love to fit, so I decided to try to help me keep going, I would do another “Operation Yellow Dress” project, however this time it will be “Operation Green Dress”, “Operation Leather Jacket” and “Operation Denim Jacket”.

The thing about Operation Yellow Dress (or OYD) is that it doesn’t have to be your absolute favourite clothing item, or your ultimate goal outfit.  It just has to be something, that you really want to wear or fit into, for whatever reason.  Hell, there doesn’t even have to be a reason! :)

Like my green dress….

Introducing ‘The Green Dress’:

Now this is a funny one I chose.  My gosh I have much nicer dresses than this one in my cupboard.  But this is one I found in an old keepsakes box a few weeks ago.  I wore it when I was 15.  It was from Supre, before Supre became cool.  It’s a baby doll dress, and to be honest, it’s not that pretty or flattering!  But I noticed that I had written on the tag of the dress, and it cracked me up: “The dress I wore at 15, lying on a couch with my boyfriend Michael.”  Can anyone say ‘LOL’?!  Now I have to say 2 things here: 1) I don’t usually document my clothing!  This was a one off item that I had kept as a keepsake (and obviously thought it was important that I record when I was wearing it!)  And 2) Nothing happened on that couch.  Trust me.  I remember the day, we were in a group of friends, and lying on the couch cuddling while watching a movie was the extent of this relationships boundaries.  We jumped up when his mum entered the room, and I remember feeling like a ‘daredevil’.  ‘Innocent’ would be more closer to the fact!  But that was it.  Besides, the fact that Facebook told me that Michael recently got engaged to his boyfriend, kinda helps prove that nothing was ever going to eventuate out of that relationship, ever. ;)

But I thought it would be fun to try the dress on.  And I could get it on!  But it was way too small.  The arms were cutting in and my boobs are bigger than when I was 15 and I had to tug for a while to pull the dress down.  When I eventually did, the babydoll seam was tight and my boobs were flattened and squashed from my neck to my belly button.  Not a nice look.  So I thought it’d be fun to keep tabs on when I can wear it again.  Oh, to fit into a 15 year old dress again!

Introducing ‘The Leather Jacket’:

This is a jacket I bought for $6 from a Melbourne op shop a few weeks ago at finale.  I fell in love with it – it fit me, but I couldn’t do it up.  If I really tried and risked popping a button, I could get one button done up.  So I promised on my Instagram that I would wear it with the buttons done all the way up, come Adelaide finale at the end of this round :)

Introducing ‘The Denim Jacket’:

This is a jacket I forgot that I had.  I found it in my cupboard on Saturday night, and tried it on.  It was a Size 12 and it was one of those tiny pieces of clothing I bought when it was on sale to ‘fit into one day’.  Obviously never worn!  I tried it….and I could get it on!  Size 12!  I can’t remember the last time I wore Size 12, it would have been at school.  Now in saying this, it didn’t ‘really’ fit.  As you can tell from the photo, the buttons didn’t even reach, let alone do up!  But I thought it still looked ok and it felt fine on, so I wore it out.  Did I mention, it was Size 12?  Haha.  So I thought it would be cool to monitor this one also, so I can wear it one day with the buttons done up.  Then I’ll know that I’m actually a Size 12.

Just a side note, yesterday I tried on this dress as a potential costume for my play.  It is Size 10.  And it went on!  It did not look attractive and showed every lump and bump and my friend
Size 10 baby!
had to help me zip it up, but check it out!  Size 12 one day, Size 10 the next!  Haha not at all.  I am officially Size 14-16.  But I love that the jacket and this dress actually went on regardless and I just had to share. ;)

So there you have it!

Operation Yellow Dress v2.

I’ll keep you up to date via the Operation Yellow Dress link at the top of the page.  It’s just a bit of fun and I can’t wait to upload a photo of each item fitting properly!

Choices and consequences: you have the power

So have you ever stuffed up?  Like, a little bit, or even a big bit?  In life, at anything.  I’m sure you have; we all have.  I guess my question is, what do you do about it?

a) Do you continue to sabotage all efforts, ramming yourself further into the ground?
b) Or do you try to fix your mistakes, sending yourself into a punishing challenge to go backwards and rectify stuff that happened in the past?  At the same time trying to forge ahead to be perfect ‘from now on’.  Which in turn creates so much stress that you often end up back at a)
c) Or do you recognise, acknowledge, accept, learn, and start afresh?

While c) is the obvious ideal answer, I rarely do that.  I often do a) a few times through, then step in and stress myself silly by trying to do b).  And I say ‘trying to do b)’ because really, it rarely works for me.  Depending on the magnitude of the stuff up, b) can be simply futile.  Yet I continue to attempt it.

Kind of like this transformation thing.  Some people say “I’m a new person” and people say this to me also: “Love the new Kate!”  They’re trying to be nice and I don’t judge them on this – a compliment is a compliment!  But it does make me think.  I think that yes, I am becoming more fit/smaller etc. and changing, but on the inside?  I am still me!  You don’t die and get born again when you lose weight or transform your life.  The person you are becoming is the same person who got you into whatever mess.  She doesn’t leave you!

You are just improving her. :)

I saw this quote on a work colleagues desk today and it struck a chord with me.  I think that so much of our (ok, I mean my) energy goes into analysing why something happened, and stressing out over the fact that it did.  Whereas time would be a lot more better used if we just
focussed all of our energies moving forward.  Imagine what we could get done if we just looked ahead.  Your past is your past, you can’t change your childhood, you can’t realistically make up the 15 training sessions you’ve missed over a few weeks, you can’t regurgitate the Top Deck chocolate you ate last Sunday.  You’ll still have shit times and will probably skip a session again and will undoubtedly one day eat more Top Deck chocolate.  But you have a choice today, to wallow in what has happened, or to get up, and forge ahead, trying to make things better from now on.

I’ve been struggling lately.  About 5 weeks ago, I stopped going to boot camp, and I haven’t been training properly since.  There’s a lot more to this of course, but that is the essential fact.  The longer this went on, the harder it was to get back to it.  That was probably the case for the first 3 weeks.  The last 2 weeks of it though, I have just been panicking about how much fitness I have lost.  Fitness can go very quickly!  My mindset has struggled to do anything because I don’t believe I’m fit enough anymore, and the ‘no can do’ attitude has been intensified by me being down on myself because of this. Option a) from above has been winning…

Over the last few days, I opened up to a few people, did some things that tested my confidence, and was fortunate enough to have some stars align.  This all gave me the confidence and path to get back to boot camp this morning.  Even still, I woke up at 4:30am and lay in bed, with my eyes closed, thinking.  I realised that it’s true what they say, about choices.

I was scared of going back today.  But as I lay there I said to myself that I had the choice of either going back to sleep and continuing on this ‘easier’ path of not turning up and allowing my fear of lost fitness to dictate me, or I could get my ass out of bed and down to the cold and dark soccer field to face everyone and improve myself, no matter how hard it might be at the start.

I felt like I was back at the start of my weight loss mission again.  Scared, unfit and overwhelmed.  That thought in itself is very unmotivating.  But I said to myself that I could choose to continue this way, or not.  The choice was mine.  Where would I prefer to be in 12 months time, or 6, or 3?  Yep I stuffed up recently and today would be hard, but wouldn’t this be better than in 3 months time, me wishing that I had I kicked my butt today?  Which choice was bringing me closer or further to where I wanted to be?  When does this cycle end?

Essentially I could choose the easy road, or be a big girl and face my current fitness level head on.  If I struggled to keep up then that would be a smaller price to pay than not trying at all.  If I’m at the back of the pack or have trouble breathing then that is just something I have to face – it’s the consequence of what I chose to do up till now.

I don’t know how I ever got so philosophical being half asleep.

Anyway, I got up, and I went.  And, like most things we conjure up, it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.  I stopped running at one point.  In the moment it was because I needed to.  In reality, if I’m completely honest with myself, it was because my head told me that.  I was ok.  Yep, I need to regain my fitness, I have definitely lost some, but my trainer reckons that will happen very quickly and maybe I haven’t lost as much as I have been telling myself.

So from now on, I will try to focus my energies on where I want to be and live in the moment to help this, rather than dwelling on ‘stuff ups’ and sabotaging myself by allowing them to continue.

I get to choose what I do.  I just have to choose to do what is going to get me closer to where I want to be, no matter what.

Friday, 17 May 2013

You are what you are told

I had a bit of a light bulb moment this afternoon.  Sort of.  It was a light bulb moment without much resolution.

Some friends were talking about whether we feel attractive or not.  One friend said she had a
core belief from childhood that she was ugly and awkward.  Now, as an adult, she still absolutely believes it.  Another friend said she couldn't relate, as her mother always told her that she was beautiful.  We talked about how whether now, as independant adults, we feel 'pretty' and 'beautiful'.

It got me thinking, how do I feel?

I'm a self professed selfie addict.  An actress.  Never in my life have I shied away from a camera.  I've modelled, acted and entertained: on stage, on TV, film, catwalk, photographic.  I wear makeup every day, dress as best as I can with the clothes I have and the weight I am.  I do the whole girly hair and makeup thing for big events.  I smile, I appear confident, I obviously respect and care enough about my body to try to lose weight.

I must have a pretty healthy confidence about myself, hey?


I am fat and ugly and I am a pig.

Why do I say this?  Because truly, on the inside, at my core, I believe this.

Don't feel all sorry for me and tell me I'm not.  This is just something I believe.  This is the light bulb moment I had this afternoon.  I've been called fat, ugly and a pig so often, and have told myself this as well, that it is now a firm belief.

Yeah, it is pretty sad, I know.

But what we chatted about today, is how do we change this?  When the belief is so ingrained in us?

I'm not 14 anymore so don't draw fat/ugly/pig picture of myself in my diary with arrows pointing out my fat/ugly/pig bits and angst-y entries scribbled across the page: "I am fat and ugly".  I don't dwell on it, in fact, I don't even think about it.  It's just a belief.  I go to work, I rehearse, I sleep, I eat, I socialise, I train, I'm fat, ugly, and a pig.  It's just there, underneath, just a part of me.  I don't tell myself this bad stuff anymore.  I just know it.  Because I was told it so often.

They say you are what you eat, well yeah maybe, but even moreso, you are what you are told.  And this doesn't have to be someone saying this stuff to you, we are more than capable ourselves of instilling beliefs.

A few years back, one of my friends started calling her little daughter "Piggy".  It was a term of endearment - she ate a lot and my friend thought it was cute.  But I was horrified and tried to suggest that she doesn't.  Because I don't think everyone realises just how much words can impact, for long after the fact.

Sticks and stones and all that.

My friend from this afternoon said something really smart, and I asked if I could quote her: 

"It made me realise that beauty is how you feel about yourself. If you think you are some way, that is how you will carry yourself in this world - regardless of how your actually look on the outside. You will shrink and the things that you don't like about yourself will get less attention. So by thinking your ugly you will actually make yourself ugly. You will not be kind to yourself or your body. You will choose clothing to cover up rather than accentuate your body."

Smart woman, my friend, hey.

It makes me wonder how much I have limited myself because of this belief I just happen to have.  I don't ever think about it, it's so ingrained that I just know it.

I don't have any answers here, and I don't know how to fix it.  But maybe my friend is right.  Maybe if we start to think differently, we will believe differently.  Well I know that is true, but maybe it would work for this.  Like the whole "If you believe you can or if you believe you can't, you are right" type of thing.  Like 'fake it till you make it.'  Like the new Dove commercial.  Like the experiment of the water jars, where the one labelled as 'ugly' goes brown, while the 'beautiful' one, stays gorgeous and clear.

It's food for thought, if anything.

And as much as I truly mean that it doesn't affect me, maybe it should be a bit of food for action for myself as well.


My friend Sandra took this pic of me after Sydney finale last year, about 25kg ago.  She was watching me and said to hold position while she took this photo, because she thought I looked beautiful.  I thought I looked ugly and so never shared this photo.  Who is right? :)  Yes, both of us are :)

Monday, 13 May 2013

Project Kate

Welcome to Round 2! First day of the new round!

So I am finally making my commitment today and wanted to share it with you here. And I'm
Start of new round!
decorating this post with some photos taken at the 12WBT stand at the Brisbane Mothers Day Classic yesterday.

So new round, huh? It's taken me a while to do my Pre-Season tasks. I managed to do 3 of them last night so I have to get the others done in the next few days. I make sure I do every task each round; I take them very seriously. But even I was surprised when last night, a couple of the tasks were really kind of overwhelming to do!

"No Excuses": I was honest with some excuses I've been making. I didn't think I made excuses...turns out I do. This was an eye opener for me. And setting my goals, I surprised myself with being realistic with my goals for this round. I am a very "I'll just make it happen dream your biggest dream" type of person. I still am, but last night I allowed myself to be honest with myself and I readjusted my Round 2 goal. It's still MEGA! but I downgraded the MEGA! one or two notches...that is a big step for this dream-in-her-eyes-everything-will-work-out type of girl. ;)
Sarah, Vanessa, Kate & Kate!

And then I couldn't seem to make my commitment. This is my 5th round. And I have been really, really scared about it! I feel like I did when I was a newbie! Slightly anxious, apprehensive, not knowing if I can do it, if it will work....seriously! What's going on with me?  I don't really understand it but I have pulled myself together regardless and made this commitment to myself this morning and thought I would share it, and say it out loud. It's interesting seeing my commitment change each round. This one says it all and doesn't require an explanation. Time to bring it all together :)

To myself, Mish, 12WBT, my family, friends, 30+ Crew, EA, Striders, Spice Girls, QLD Crew, my FG & T sisters, my blog readers & those who truly support me:

I commit to Project Kate. To continue transforming my life. To finish what I started. To start living the life I imagined. No matter what.



Get outta my way!

De and me xo

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Round 1 finale: #cocostyle

I'm writing this post from the clouds.....I'm travelling home from finale. I had a sudden urge to
blog about my weekend so I've pulled out my notebook and pen from my bag and I'm scribbling away on my lap as I soar above NSW.

What a week! My week leading up to finale was hectic and stressful. Planning finale was a last minute thing for me for a few reasons. I wasn't 100% sure I could go until a couple of weeks ago. I had 5 parties on the same night across 3 states.  Each of them were important and it was a hard decision to make.  My heart was split and this delayed decision making and other factors saw me madly trying to locate the perfect dress and do things such as book my flights home on the morning I flew out. You'd think I enjoyed flying by the seat of my pants! Aside from wrapping up Week 12 and finale planning, I've had a few pretty huge things to deal with this week so I've been pretty overwhelmed and stressed.

But I worked it all out,  and on Thursday night I jetted down to Melbourne for my favourite weekends of all, finale weekend :)

The beautiful Kristine (kipwil) is the best and dressed up as a pirate (!) and met Cathy, Sarah, Archie and I at the airport and drove us to our friend Miriam's. The 12WBT generosity and
Pirate dress ups at Avalon Airport!
hospitality never ceases to overwhelm me. We spent the night catching up with Sandra, Andrea (and Bob!) over protein bars and Frangelico. The next morning we went for a walk, had breaky and cruised the shops. It was really nice to have this quiet catch up time before the weekend got hectic with finale events. 

The girls dropped me at the Crown Metropol and then it was on! I met up with my lovely friend Lyndall, met the awesome Al and Jen and settled into our hotel room. We were soon hotel room hopping, running and jumping up and down the halls, excited to see old friends. We got ready and went out for dinner with a stack of the 30+ crew. It was so lovely to put faces to names of people we interact with every day :)

Then it was onto welcome drinks, organised by the awesome Vic Crew. The event was so well put together and I was stoked to catch up and have a laugh with old friends and meet some special new ones like the beautiful Patrick and Catherine.

30+ dinner
Late night hotel room chats and a quick sleep and we were off to the 30+ breakfast at Wood n Chimney. Again, so lovely to see and meet friends. Seriously, 12WBT is the biggest friends hub. The kilos we lose is gained a million fold in the friends we meet along the way.

And then onto my favourite part of each finale weekend, the workout! I am just in love with this event! I took part in the shuttle mini challenge, danced with the gorgeous Rina, cheered on the fitness challengers and fancy dress competitors, met MORE old and new friends (thank you for saying
hello Susanne, Janelle, Katie, Leanne and Katherine and others), and generally just mucked around and soaked up the atmosphere. The reason I love the workout so much is that if you take a moment and allow yourself to take it all in, you realise how amazing it is to be gathered in a group of 1500 people who have all converged to improve their lives.

To be honest though I didn't have the best time at this workout. :( This was nothing to do with the event itself, it was just my personal situation. I'm very disappointed in myself to say that I
Beautiful sisters Susanne and Janelle :)
have lost some of my fitness lately. I have let my training slip for about 3 weeks - and the damage has been done. I can't believe how quickly you can lose fitness! I intend to fix this of course, but that didn't help me on the day. I just felt sluggish, and I couldn't keep up as much as I would have even 3 weeks ago. I was also feeling uncomfortable due to guzzling too much water and needing a toilet, TTOTM had surprised me a few days early :( and in the middle of the workout, I got hit in the head.

We were doing a sit up type activity and a girl who was lying behind me smashed her head onto mine as we came down at the same time. I lay there for a while in a bit of shock and eventually continued but ended up aimlessly in search of water and the First Aid tent
Lyndall and myself
when a headache and dizziness started. I was fine but next workout I intend on being able to smash the workout again, and not my head!

We did the whole finale day "in between workout and party lunch thing", and even managed some shopping and quiet time (which never happens!) before ascending into dress/hair/makeup/accessories/pre-finale central. The party theme was 'old Hollywood glamour" and I had a bit of fun and dressed as Marilyn Monroe. It was then time to party! 

I had a heap of fun. :) The party was amazing. 12WBT did good! The room was gorgeous, there was entertainment, a themed set, plenty of food and drinks, and I felt really excited to be in the same room as where the Logies are held as they are very close to my
professional heart. I always seem to end up doing crazy photo shoots on the white backdrop at each finale and this one was no different. :)

The show bags were fantastic and we carried on in hotel rooms, hallways and a casino bar. I even got to have a quick catch up with one of my friends who was at one of the parties I couldn't make - he was staying in the same hotel!

The next morning I enjoyed a quick breaky with some gorgeous girls and then the lovely Alison drove Lyndall and I to the airport. I hadn't met Alison before this weekend yet she and her hubby Mark took time out of their day like many Vic Crew did and helped us out with
Maz 'n Mish
transport. Thank you Alison and Mark - it's so helpful not having to navigate a different city's public transport system and it was so nice meeting you. 

I went home via Sydney and spent a day visiting some family and now am home tonight. (Well it took me a few days to post this, but I wrote it the other night!)

I am so so so thankful that we have a week off in between rounds this time as I really need this time to settle, reflect, plan, and organise. I was on the back foot last round and didn't recover. 

I haven't talked much about how I have gone this round. I didn't do that well. Officially - from weigh in day to weigh in day, I lost 1.8kg. Not very awesome.

Inconsistent nutrition is an understatement. As I mentioned I have let my training slip. Yes there are financial and circumstantial reasons behind this but the crux of it is, these reasons are actually excuses. There
are always alternatives. Yes I have had medical issues that have stressed me out. I have had pulled focus on some other important stuff. But 'life' happens for all of us, every round. To put it simply, I didn't perform to my potential. At all.

It hasn't been a wasted round. My body has changed, I have been tackling some pretty important personal stuff, I completed two triathlons and multiple other runs and events, I completed most of my goals, I got under 100kg (!) - despite what happened after that, I still made it!

But overall I am not impressed with how I have done. I'm not harping on it at all though.  I have underlying-ly been down on myself but
I accepted it, learnt from it and moved on a few weeks ago.

Next Monday I start a new round and a new job. I feel like this is a big period of change for me and hopefully is the start of the end of the past year and a half. I plan on making the rest of this week my transition week. I'm really busy but I'm going to make sure I still have time to do my pre-season tasks and organise myself in every way so that I set myself up well for the start of the round. I have a lot on my mind at the moment but I will try my hardest to settle and focus.

I read this quote at the airport yesterday and it rung so true so I took this photo.

I need to do this. Time to live the life I imagined - in every way.  To be honest I'm on struggle street this week so I'm not entirely sure how to make this happen, but I will get there
and will of course, let you know how I do so when I figure it out!

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of and supported me through Round 1 and who shared Melbourne finale with me. No round is wasted. We always find out a little bit more about ourselves. Moving forward is 'forward' no matter how big or small the step.

Here's just a random small selection of my 900 photos I took! x

Cathy, Sandra, Sarah, Mim and I
Pre-flight snack - thanks Sarah!
No issues with tray tables for these 2 girls!  Woo!
Selfies for Greg.
I bought this for 50c.  Please don't ask me why.
And I bought this crop top for $2!  I love Melbourne!
With 2 of my favourite bloggers at Friday night welcome drinks: Jules and Carol xo
With the beautiful Jo
Practising for Saturday night?
I think we made a record number of elevator selfies over the weekend
I don't usually make a habit of robed selfies (trust me), BUT the hotel bathrobe AND TOWEL fit - easily!!!!
30+ breakfast
Walking to the workout!
Participating in the shuttle mini challenge!
The awesome Greg xx
With some of the gals x
It's all fun and games until you smash your head :(
So many crew shirts to choose from!  30+?  QLD Crew?  Striders?  And more!
With the beautiful Rina

I may or may not have done a mock solo photoshoot in the hotel hallway at 3am, trying to match pics of Marilyn...haha so had to share this one...worried look much??  #can'tdosultry
Trying to repack my bags at breakfast...whoops!
With my gorgeous friend Kirsty
I ran into my amazing friend Jil on the flight to Sydney!  #sneakyselfie