Monday, 20 May 2013

Operation 'Yellow Dress' returns!

Soooo…I have a new ‘yellow dress’!  And when I say ‘yellow dress’, I don’t mean an actual yellow dress, and when I say ‘yellow dress’ I actually mean several.

For anyone who doesn’t know the yellow dress story, see here.  Essentially it was a random dress I wanted to fit into, so I took weekly photos of how it was fitting to keep me accountable.

I have a few items that I have tried on lately that I would love to fit, so I decided to try to help me keep going, I would do another “Operation Yellow Dress” project, however this time it will be “Operation Green Dress”, “Operation Leather Jacket” and “Operation Denim Jacket”.

The thing about Operation Yellow Dress (or OYD) is that it doesn’t have to be your absolute favourite clothing item, or your ultimate goal outfit.  It just has to be something, that you really want to wear or fit into, for whatever reason.  Hell, there doesn’t even have to be a reason! :)

Like my green dress….

Introducing ‘The Green Dress’:

Now this is a funny one I chose.  My gosh I have much nicer dresses than this one in my cupboard.  But this is one I found in an old keepsakes box a few weeks ago.  I wore it when I was 15.  It was from Supre, before Supre became cool.  It’s a baby doll dress, and to be honest, it’s not that pretty or flattering!  But I noticed that I had written on the tag of the dress, and it cracked me up: “The dress I wore at 15, lying on a couch with my boyfriend Michael.”  Can anyone say ‘LOL’?!  Now I have to say 2 things here: 1) I don’t usually document my clothing!  This was a one off item that I had kept as a keepsake (and obviously thought it was important that I record when I was wearing it!)  And 2) Nothing happened on that couch.  Trust me.  I remember the day, we were in a group of friends, and lying on the couch cuddling while watching a movie was the extent of this relationships boundaries.  We jumped up when his mum entered the room, and I remember feeling like a ‘daredevil’.  ‘Innocent’ would be more closer to the fact!  But that was it.  Besides, the fact that Facebook told me that Michael recently got engaged to his boyfriend, kinda helps prove that nothing was ever going to eventuate out of that relationship, ever. ;)

But I thought it would be fun to try the dress on.  And I could get it on!  But it was way too small.  The arms were cutting in and my boobs are bigger than when I was 15 and I had to tug for a while to pull the dress down.  When I eventually did, the babydoll seam was tight and my boobs were flattened and squashed from my neck to my belly button.  Not a nice look.  So I thought it’d be fun to keep tabs on when I can wear it again.  Oh, to fit into a 15 year old dress again!

Introducing ‘The Leather Jacket’:

This is a jacket I bought for $6 from a Melbourne op shop a few weeks ago at finale.  I fell in love with it – it fit me, but I couldn’t do it up.  If I really tried and risked popping a button, I could get one button done up.  So I promised on my Instagram that I would wear it with the buttons done all the way up, come Adelaide finale at the end of this round :)

Introducing ‘The Denim Jacket’:

This is a jacket I forgot that I had.  I found it in my cupboard on Saturday night, and tried it on.  It was a Size 12 and it was one of those tiny pieces of clothing I bought when it was on sale to ‘fit into one day’.  Obviously never worn!  I tried it….and I could get it on!  Size 12!  I can’t remember the last time I wore Size 12, it would have been at school.  Now in saying this, it didn’t ‘really’ fit.  As you can tell from the photo, the buttons didn’t even reach, let alone do up!  But I thought it still looked ok and it felt fine on, so I wore it out.  Did I mention, it was Size 12?  Haha.  So I thought it would be cool to monitor this one also, so I can wear it one day with the buttons done up.  Then I’ll know that I’m actually a Size 12.

Just a side note, yesterday I tried on this dress as a potential costume for my play.  It is Size 10.  And it went on!  It did not look attractive and showed every lump and bump and my friend
Size 10 baby!
had to help me zip it up, but check it out!  Size 12 one day, Size 10 the next!  Haha not at all.  I am officially Size 14-16.  But I love that the jacket and this dress actually went on regardless and I just had to share. ;)

So there you have it!

Operation Yellow Dress v2.

I’ll keep you up to date via the Operation Yellow Dress link at the top of the page.  It’s just a bit of fun and I can’t wait to upload a photo of each item fitting properly!


  1. Woooohoooooo you are so going to rock that jacket!


  2. This is such a fantastic idea? Do you mind If I borrow it?
    PS: leather jacket = awesome!

  3. Great idea! I love seeing the progress photos and then there's that photo of you in your previous yellow dress smiling from ear to ear! Beautiful!

  4. Is yellow dress V.1 now too big???
    I am having a yellow dress battle with a pair of sass & bide jeans. Not taking pics though because it's really not pretty. Good luck with all of your items, smash it out round 2!