Friday, 4 January 2013

I am Size 16

There comes a time when when you've tried on your 44th Size 16 dress / shirt / crop top and it fits, that you feel you can finally admit to yourself that you may, just possibly be a Size....16. There's only so many 'flukes' and 'wrong sizing' and 'one off's' that it can be. One day you finally realise that maybe, you could possibly be a Size 16.

That is this week for me :)

I'm not a Size 16 in pants and some clothes, but many, many things are fitting me in Size 16 now. Maybe it's time to throw out the Size 26 tops I still have gracing my cupboard?

I've had a big week of finally starting to recognise the changes my body has been taking. I've compared photos, the Size 14 crop top helped, and tonight I did this weeks photo for Operation Yellow Dress (see here: Operation Yellow Dress) and I couldn't believe that the top of the zip touches now, and hooks up! No more arms in the way trying to hold it together. Now to just get that zip up by finale weekend!

I know that this is a big step in my silly body dysmorphic mindset. :)

Anyway I just wanted to share...I am officially realising, and admitting, that (in some things anyway!) that I AM SIZE 16



  1. I went through my wardrobe recently and put all those size 20+ things on and then held up my arms and stood back to critically look. I didn't realise how AWFUL some of those clothes looked on me now... the bagginess underneath the arms was the big shock... I then put those baggy clothes in a pile and gave them away (found someone through a friend at work who knew someone who they would fit)... maybe it's time to do the same? Love to see some photos of those baggy clothes... :)

  2. Loving this post way to much. To get that zipper up......You bet your sweet fanny you will!!!!