Sunday, 27 January 2013

Just taking it all in

Can I just say that I can't believe it's Week 11 tomorrow....time is flying!

I just wanted to step in for an update.  I don't have anything dramatic to tell you about or any exciting things that I've been doing, but I love my blog and felt it was time for an update about every day stuff related to my current mission. :)

Round 4's progress so far
I've had a good week overall.  I've eaten extremely clean, trained a fair amount and done the best with what I've got.  I've been doing a bit of stepping back and reassessing of where I am, with a lot of things.  I compared some photos of this round so far last week and I've been taking stock of where I am and where I am going.  I may write more on these photos in a later post as I'm still thinking about this.

I'm feeling good.  I've had a few disappointments this week but that's life.  I'm still feeling a bit unsettled and lost but I'm ok.  I'm choosing to look at the good stuff.  I had a few personal successes this week.  I got an email saying I was in the Top 15% for this round so that made me proud.  I came off night shift so my routine can go back to normal thank goodness.  I'm really excited about finale in 2 weeks.  I'm feeling better within myself.  A few people have made some comments which have boosted me up - some of them being that I look happier.  That was a pretty damn cool thing to hear. :)

My birthday cake!
My Mum didn't recognise me at first last night.  That was very cool.  It was only a second glance thing, not an entire no-recognition thing but it was still awesome.  I'm learning and growing and accepting and overall it's a pretty cool adventure that's unfolding.  It's the end of my rollercoaster year, the start of 2013 and my birthday this week.  There's heaps of scope to continue to create the most awesome life for myself.

My birthday presents
I did eat something last night that wasn't exactly planned or clean...but I am not going to beat myself up over it.  I had an early birthday dinner with my family and for a few reasons chose to eat a steak and chips.  I could go into the details of why I chose this but instead will just say that I'm proud as it was a conscious albeit unplanned decision to choose this and I am not beating myself up about it today like I would have even 3 months ago.  I've found more and more that moderation isn't a scary thing.  If you can't eat a steak and chips at your own birthday dinner because you want to, then that is pretty sad.  I made up for it with the cake anyway!  Check out the most awesome cake (above) my family made me, at my request.  It was inspired by a fellow 12WBT friend, Kylie, who had something similar for her birthday last week.  I loved it!  I don't think my brothers loved it as much as I did....but they got to finish off my steak that I couldn't fit in so it was pretty even all round :)

And I got some cool pressies!  Check these out!  LOL I've decided that my family is pretty onboard with supporting me in this 12WBT thing :)  Michelle Bridges even got a mention in my birthday card from my parents! :)

Me this week.  All this work is worth it.
This weekend I haven't had a great run with training.  3 of my boot camps and a hike were all cancelled due to the insane weather Brisbane is having right now.  I almost took myself out for my 32km walk that I have as a goal for this week but decided that I might wait....seeing some photos of where I was going to walk being underwater....I think I made the right decision!  I'm extremely disappointed that boot camps were called off but it had to be done - the one that was cancelled for tomorrow is because the entire field where we train is completely underwater.  Yeah -- that's a pretty good reason.  I just love them, that's all.

Anyway I'm just going to have to make do with what I have inside - and I do have a fair bit of stuff.  I can road test my new Mish weights that I just got! :)  I'm lucky that I'm high and dry - I've lost half of my power and I only have minor flooding in my apartment block.  I am a lot luckier than my family and friends who have got branches through their rooves and rooves collapsed.  Hoping it's not as horrific as the 2011 floods and praying hard.

Will sign off now - hope you have an awesome week and if you are in Brisbane, stay safe, stay dry and stay positive xxoo


  1. Happy birthday!
    What an awesome progress shot!
    I'm eagerly awaiting this weeks project yellow dress!
    You're a total inspiration

  2. Well done Coco Girl - you're looking amazing!