Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Dedicated to my friends who are struggling

If we stop, the world stops.

Did you know this?  It doesn’t actually, but do you think this?  Let's assume it does, because let's face it, many of us believe that it will.

Why, as intelligent, mature adults do we continually drill ourselves down into the ground with the false belief that we can’t take…dare I say it......a break?  We are parents, siblings, children, friends, employees, employers – we take on many different roles where we exhibit our wisdom and knowledge without even thinking about it.  But when it comes to allowing ourselves to STOP, and just take a break, we struggle with this so much.  Why?

Because, if we stop, the world stops.

Yesterday I was really tired again.  My body was tired and I was in pain, lethargic, and just, well, exhausted.  I didn’t know why – the Tough Army Chick side of my brain was slapping me – I let myself have a training rest day on Saturday and just two days later I'm contemplating another one?  What was wrong with me?!  Weak!

But as I found myself swaying while trying to stand still just from being tired, I let myself acknowledge it.  I did need another rest day.  From everything.  This wasn’t on The Schedule.  But maybe that’s ok.  This was hard.  But I realised maybe I needed to do something novel and listen to my body? Just maybe.  Thanks to the universe mysteriously aligning and me stepping up, I now have no work and no training today.  And my first sleep in of the year.

That's really cool. But my point of this post is this. Why did it take me so long to allow myself to acknowledge what I already knew I needed, and why did I then have the early stages of a panic attack and felt the need to seek validation from those around me to admit it and make it happen?  Seriously - we're talking about one little rest day!  In the big scheme of things, it's #notreallyabigdeal!

Because, if we stop, the world stops.

A rest day isn't a huge thing but I'm using it as an example of the bigger picture.  Taking a break of any kind requires mountains of strength - and that's just to handle the guilt we lump on ourselves.

I've taken a few breaks over the years.  The majority have been forced on me for not listening to myself sooner.  Some breaks have been superficial and low in the importance stakes.  Others have been a matter of something a whole lot more important, where I have had to literally focus on getting out of bed in the morning - and getting back to bed at the end of the day.  Some things in life paralyse us.  Yet us super women and men still tend to need to go at lightning speed and ignore the warning signs, don't we?  (Yeah, I'm talking to you!)

We all need to take a break from various things now and again.  And if this is the case it doesn't mean you're not coping - in fact, it means the opposite.  You're making a stand for what you need.

A few years ago I read something that really helped me at the time and I'd recommend it to anyone who is struggling with whether they should take a break: How heavy is the glass of water?

It could be as simple as taking a day off from training, it could be putting your weight loss goals to one side while you focus on just breathing for a while.  There's no shame in that.  In fact, it's the opposite.  It's funny, breathing is actually more important. ;)  You can always come back to what you were doing.  But if you go along the same path at the same rate, you probably won't make it to where you were trying to go....

What do you need?

We put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything, be everywhere, help everyone, do it all.

We need to remember that if we stop, the world does NOT stop.  But if we don't stop when we need to, the world very much could for yourself and your loved ones. 

Because frankly, you are the world - to your family and friends and to yourself.

Take a break - from whatever it is - if you need one...your glass of water will still be there when you are ready again.

And your world will spin a whole lot better if you do...

It's ok

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  1. As always Kate - you spoke such honest, true, heartfelt words. For such a young woman you continually amaze me with your wisdom. Never stop being you xxx