Friday, 2 November 2012

Oh gosh.

I finally put together some before and after photos for a couple of things including Coco Butter. I am not thinking about this post, I am just doing it. If I pretend the photos aren't up here then they won't really be here, right? ;)

It's all good- this is just the next step of this journey. Now they're not just up on a 1min. video mashed together in a blink-or-you'll-miss-it type scenario, these are (some of) my fat photos for keeps, uploaded onto a website. Coz I'm *trying to be* brave like that.

Here we go: a mish-mash of random before and afters. All of the photos are culminative of 1.66-ish rounds of 12WBT. Meaning the before photo is prior to my first round, and the after photos are all about Week 6-8 of my second round (this round).

Long way to go but this is so far.

Girl.  Under construction.

Coco Girl: from Pizza Girl to Yoghurt Girl

From 1st boot camp tears to selfies in airport showers

From being red cheeked from being a fat bridesmaid to being red cheeked after climbing a mountain

From hospital bed to first triathlon


  1. Way to go Kate!! I am scared of doing my before and afters in 2 weeks in case I don't look that different!!!!