Monday, 19 November 2012

A snapshot of my Round 3 finale!


Whirlwind weekend is over, and we are now at Round 4, 2012, DAY 1! :)  Round 3 finale was fantastic and a lot of fun.  Adventure moments in empty shopping malls at 2am, people moments of these phenomenal, regular people who just happen to be doing something amazing with their lives, special moments of teary pinkie promises amidst a cheering crowd, quiet moments of thinking how lucky I am, weird moments of scissors in cabs and hammers in hotel windows, laughing moments of awesome impromtu photoshoots, inspirational moments of tea in blue mug chats, reflective moments of quiet cab rides to the airport, crazy moments of squashing in cabs with beeping cars, screaming moments of cheering on my amazing friends, and just an all round inspirational weekend.

It is now Round 4, my 3rd round.  I spent the plane trip to Sydney mapping out my health and fitness goals for the next year.  I tried to do the same on the way home but I kept falling asleep after a crazy weekend.  I'll post my goals here soon after I spend a bit more time on them.

In the meantime, here's a random snapshot of a few photos that I grabbed off my camera, my iPad that made me a geek by carrying it around all weekend ;) and from friends.  I will go through my approx. 800 photos I took soon properly soon - (I still have to go through my Perth photos!!) but here are a few to show you now.

I'll talk more on Round 4 and how I'm tracking very soon.

Before I move on though, here's a snapshot of how I celebrated the last 12 weeks of Round 3.  Thank you to everyone who supported me through this round.  Whether it be on here, through the 12WBT forums, my amazing Facebook groups, my friends, my family, my fairy Godsisters or anyone else, a smile, a word, a message, a read, a wink, every moment helped me.

Farewell, Round 3, and bring on the next 12 weeks and beyond.

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life."


In a very mixed up order of just a few photos that I grabbed:

Some of the most amazing, gorgeous women inside and out who I am proud to call my friends xx

Me with the most beautiful Maz, one of the people I was so happy to finally meet x
Fairy wood nymph?

Me at the group workout, with my 4 different shirts tucked into my tutu

Us 30+'ers on stage presenting our apples for our teacher, Mish :)


The 30+ crew with Mish at the group workout

Hello Sydney from the top of the Harbour Bridge pylon

Just one step at a time

Me trying jellyfish!

I held my tears in all weekend, until this moment. #overwhelmedwithpride
WEARING MY SIZE 16 DRESS IN SYDNEY! with the most beautiful girls

Our apples for Mish

Group workout

This beautiful girl made my day :)  Thank you xx
My bag and earrings
Ballet flats, necklace, flowers and 1 heel I decided was silly to wear :)
Me with Mish!

Me at finale, boot and all.
Coco + Girl!

#spacegirl at the group workout!

Representative dinner of the eve before a new round

The awesome Jules :)
The mug of wonder... <3

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  1. Brilliant post! I've enjoyed looking at your photographs. I think the Finale will be a day and night and whole weekend actually that I'll never forget. I've just popped the photograph I took of you and me on my blog. Thanks for not thinking I was wierd when I asked you if you were Coco Butter! LOL And then introduced myself as Finding Carol. Sounds so strange when I write it out like that. tee hee.