Sunday, 25 November 2012

My first push-up

Yesterday :)
Awww.  The title of this post reminds me of some teenage diary entries I wrote: "My first bra" .... "My first kiss" etc. .... Haha yes I have some very juicy diaries sitting in my storage boxes.  The earlier teenage years ones make for light entertainment reading every now and again.  Well this entry may not have the same life changing pubescent impact as other 'firsts' that I've documented, but it's still pretty cool.  There comes a time in some girls lives where they do their first...

I couldn't get very low for the squat holds (me in blue on the right)

That's what I did yesterday! Totally unexpected- as you may have read, this was my Goal for Week 10 of this round. To date I've only been able to do 'girl push-ups' - on my toes. I've been perfecting these as best I can. The other day I did 789 push-ups to catch up on a push-up challenge I'm doing! But these are all on my knees.

Yesterday I went to a group workout run by the QLD Crew. It was our unofficial end of round workout- a big, free event run by my trainer Ange, PT Janette and Margie from The Biggest Loser. At the start we were doing a big get to know you type exercise. One person at a time ran around the circle we made, and we had to do squat holds until it was our turn to run. I tried to squat hold but my moon boot was making it difficult to stay in that position effectively, so I did plank holds instead.
I'm still frustrated in the boot >:

Our group finished first, and while we waited for the other groups, we were told to do a plank hold. I got down on the ground and thought to myself I had just done an epic effort of plank holds, and wanted to try something different. So out of nowhere, I decided to try a push-up on my toes. I knew this was a Week 10 thing and it's only Week 1- I don't even know what made me try it. I've tried it on and off before but haven't had the strength to hold myself up and lower myself down and up again. Being not very fit, but also having to hold up 141kg of body weight on your hands, makes them hard to do. Well 21kg lighter and a bit more fitness seemed to do the trick.

A big group turned up to the workout.  QLD Crew rocks!

Just like that! And then I did another, and another. I galloped out of the circle straight away to tell a friend, my grin was very wide! I did another one for the camera too, all for Coco Butter ;) They're not the best push-ups, I don't have the strength to get right to the ground, but I'll keep working on that. I can only do a few at once, I tried a few at boot camp this morning and they went well but then my strength gives way so I just revert to knee push-ups.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my exciting news :) Week 10 goal, TICK! :)

This photo cracks me up.  Getting changed (discreetly!) in the park to go to the theatre after.

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