Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tabata is not a type of bread

Photo courtesy 12WBT - Me at finale
Haha!  One of the gorgeous girls at boot camp on Sunday whispered to me that our training (Tabata) sounded like a type of bread.  I laughed so much!  She was joking, but I loved the expression and hope she doesn't mind me using this. :)  I'll be honest though, this title has absolutely nothing to do with this actual blog post.  I tried to do a tricky segway and it failed, so I deleted it.  I just liked this quote so wanted to use it.  Just run with it... :)

This is actually just a mish mash of stuff and a quick update to check in with how I'm tracking.  Also the 12WBT professional photos are out so I thought I'd include some of them here, as well as my Inspiration Board I made.

All is going ok!

My friend found this along a path we were walking along on Sunday :)
Nutrition is going really well- ever since I planned my meals and did the shopping and the cook-up, I have been ok.  Yes, I have wanted other stuff, but I have been strong and not squashed these thoughts, as they are real - instead I have simply asked myself, "what do I want more?"  My new mantra: "caterpillars are fricken awesome, but I love butterflies more." :) 

On a brief side note, speaking of butterflies, I have been seeing SO many!  At the finale workout I saw about 5 - at a very significant moment.  Then back in Brisbane, I was driving down one street and no exaggeration, I saw about 40.  Yes, 40, all separate and spaced out, down a particular street.  And I saw a few yesterday.  I've always smiled when I've seen butterflies...actually I went through a phase as a teenager where I twirled if I saw one...maybe I should start doing that again :)  Anyway - I smile more now when I see them...just wanted to share this with you. :)

Photo courtesy 12WBT - Us 30+ers in "Apples for Mish"
Training could be better...I have done 3 boot camps this week but to be honest that is it.  I've been letting the moon boot be an excuse.  I'm doing the 10km running program this round and I can't run in the boot so I haven't done Week 1's program :(  It's driving me more nuts than I even let on here.  I was supposed to wear it for 1-2 weeks.  It's been 2 weeks now but it's still painful (my leg, not even my ankle).  So I'll wear it for another week and may go back to the doctor or a physio if it doesn't improve within a few days.  I need to still elevate and ice it - that doesn't seem normal to have to do 3 weeks after the incident, does it?  (I got the boot 1 week after it happened).  I did my "Excuses" pre-season task and wrote this down.  My solution was, that I can still burn calories doing upper body stuff.  I prove this at boot camp.  So I have to JFDI and do upper body stuff.  And let go of the running for a short while.  Even though that's making me cry on the inside.
Photo courtesy 12WBT - me arriving at finale

My weekly goals are going well, I have done Week 1 and Week 10's goals!  (See previous post).  Although I've added a new one for Week 10, a challenge from my trainer. :)  I've done all of my pre-season tasks, got myself organised and have a (mostly) clear direction of where I want to go.  Goals are in place, inspiration surrounds and the calendar is up to date for the first time in 7 months (!).  Now, I just have to JFDI.

I realised that I need to keep on top of my mini goals that I made to keep me on track (copied here):

Daily - Stick to nutrition plan
Daily - Stick to training plan
Daily - Track all food
Daily - Track all exercise
Daily - Drink 4L water a day
Weekly - Enter weekly challenge
Weekly - Publish photo in yellow dress
Weekly - Do a cook up
Weekly - Go through nutrition plan / plan meals / shop
Weekly - Read blogs
Monthly - Reassess goals

Photo courtesy 12WBT - 30+ers with Mish at finale
It's taking me a few days to get into the habit of keeping on top of these things, particularly the water.  Turns out I wasn't drinking as much as I thought - and 4L is a lot! :)  It's ok, this is all a learning process for the greater plan - ie. the rest of my life.  We plan, we attempt, we fail, we learn, we grow, we conquer.  It's all about learning how to better ourselves.  These are my mini-mini-goals - but they're goals all the same and I need to track them and make sure I do them too. The yellow dress pictures for Week 1 have been painstakingly taken and are on my Yellow Dress page:
So all ok and ready to tackle Week 2 with things actually organised.  Setting myself up last week was really important.  Better to take a week to do that rather than be on the back foot.

Soooo I'll chat to you later!  Hope you're all tracking well, over 1 week down, less than 11 to go! :)
Photo courtesy 12WBT - QLD crew with Mish at finale...Can you spot me? ;)
The lovely Jules found this for me :)  This is what we have to do :) x
My inspiration board for Round 4

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