Thursday, 22 November 2012

Aiming for the moon: The Plan

Hey :)

So here are my goals that I said I was working on.  I love making my Week 4, 8 and 12 milestones each round so I decided that from now on, I would have a milestone target for each week!  Most of the challenges I have set for myself are things I planned to achieve anyway - this is just a way of making the goals a little more structured and keeping me focussed.

  • Each of these things will challenge me in a different way
  • This is not a comprehensive list :)
  • I will add to this, this is just listing at least one thing per week
  • I've copied these goals under the Coco's Goals page above and will keep them updated on there

I've been working on my goals for next year too and will add these in time.  One of them is of course my goal of my first half marathon in July 2013.  And I also decided that I am going to enter the 12WBT fitness challenge at the end of Round 3, 2013!  That is a massive aim - it's going to be fun getting there!

I also listed a few generalistic goals for myself for this round, to help keep me on track.  Things like recording my food.  I usually do but I often go off track and when that goes off do I.

And I've listed my program game plan for the next few rounds of 12WBT.  Again, I may change this but it's good to have something to aim for now so I know which general direction I'm going in.

I haven't worked out my mini goals for each one yet (ie how to make each of these things happen) - that will be the fun part!

And of course, I will keep you up to date with how these track.  (As if I wouldn't!) ;)

I would welcome any feedback as well.  I am pretty head strong and once I've made a decision there is usually no budging, so I'm just warning you there ;)  But I genuinely would appreciate any feedback or suggestions at the same time.

Here are my goals for Round 4! :) 

Love, Coco Cubano xoxo

Weekly Milestones:

Week 1 - Complete all pre-season tasks & get myself organised
This is vital for my success.  I didn't do this properly in my last round and it affected me.  So this week there are no big challenges, just simply getting myself organised and into a routine, making plans and nailing my pre-season tasks.
Week 2 - Go back to kickboxing
I love kickboxing.  Yet don't do it!  One of my earlier round mini milestones was to go back to kickboxing.  I did it!  The once.  I want to do this regularly - not just a once off "I went one night so it counts" type thing - so this is on my list.
Week 3 - Climb Kokoda twice in a row
I can do it once now - let's try for twice in a row!

Week 4 - Start dancing
Like kickboxing, I have been 'meaning to' get back to dancing all year.  It was a 2012 goal.  It's almost December - time to make this happen!

Week 5 - Tom's Law Challenge
This is a training thing for an obstacle course event.  I have wanted to do Warrior Dash and Stampede etc. - time, organisation and injury constraints saw me not doing any of them yet, however there is also a fear holding me back.  So, again, time to conquer this one!

Week 6 - Reduce Diet Coke to 3 per week
Hmmm this is a huge one.  I need a whole blog post on my Diet Coke habit so will save discussing the ins and outs of this for another time.  But I'm putting it on here...if it's on my blog, it will happen!

Week 7 - Run 7km non stop
This is in preparation for my half marathon.  I just counted back and made some mini goals along the way.  I can run 5km non stop (very slowly) - so I am aiming for 7 in Week 7.  If I can run 5km, I can run 7km!

Week 8 - Complete 11km Resolution Run
Hahaa and then I can run 11km the following week! ;)  Nah - this goal is simply to complete 11km.  I know I won't be able to run it all non stop but I intend to give it my best shot - run, walk, run, walk, I just intend to complete it. :)

Week 9 - Be under 100kg
Enough said.  I keep my weight goals fairly quiet but this is a big one so I decided to share and add it to my 'official 12 week milestone list' ;)

Week 10 - Be able to do a push up on my toes
This is a cool goal that I'm looking forward to achieving!  I can only do push ups on my knees.  I would love to do a push up(s) on my toes like the cool kids one day.  So, I will!  Working towards Week 10.

  - See the fireflies / glow worms in the Gold Coast Hinterland
 This walk will be dedicated to Ms Wallace and Ms Primmer ;)

Week 11 - 32km walk
I turn 32 this week.  So celebrating with a 32km walk.  Why not?

Week 12 - Complete 40-58km Sunshine Coast Hinterland walk
Princesses can bushwalk.  This week I will prove it - with no dashes to hospital.
- Wear black 1 shoulder dress
This is just another random dress that I have, I love, it doesn't fit, and I want to wear it.  It's not necessarily my finale dress, but I want to be able to wear it by Week 12.
- Wear yellow dress at finale weekend 
This is a big deal for me, this yellow dress :)  Check out my new page I made for it where I will keep myself on track for the next 12 weeks to make sure it happens this time:
Other goals to keep me on track:

Daily - Track all food
This is really important but I am not consistent with it.  I want to be really strict with this.

Daily - Track all exercise
Same as above - it's probably not as important as tracking food, but I want to be consistent - this is just something I like to keep track of.

Daily - Drink 4L water a day
Like the Diet Coke thing, I will talk more about this on a later post. :)  But in short, I need to be drinking 4L of water a day.  I always thought I did but I am actually not sure.  So, I will make sure!

Weekly - Enter weekly challenge
I love the 12WBT weekly challenges.  I enter each one that I can: it keeps me on my toes, creative and makes the weight loss process more fun.  But there are some that I don't enter because I don't think I'm good enough, or I run out of time.  I meant to enter each one last round, yet didn't.  So this round I plan to change this.

Weekly - Publish photo in yellow dress
As above, this is to keep me on track to wear The Yellow Dress in Week 12. :)

Weekly - Do a cook up
This has been so handy when I have done this but I don't do it enough.  So I aim to do a cook up each week so that I always have 12WBT meals on hand.

Weekly - Go through nutrition plan / plan meals / shop
This is such a vital part of a successful journey yet this is a big downfall I have had - not planning.  So - time to change this!

Weekly - Read blogs
I love reading other people's blogs, yet I get so busy and disorganised that I haven't ever sat down and set them all up so that I can follow them easily.  It means so much to me when people read my blog and I feel genuinely awful when I don't do the same for them.  And I get so inspired by reading them.  So I am committing to get myself set up properly from the start and read as many as I can. :) 

Monthly - Reassess goals
If there's one thing I know about goals, it's that you have to be open to reassess them.  I have no doubt that I will probably have to change these around at some points.  So I'll check in with myself every 4 weeks to see how I'm tracking. :)

My future 12WBT plan:

Round 4, 2012: Run 10km program (current)
Round 1, 2013: Half marathon program
Round 2, 2013: Lean & Fit program
Round 3, 2013: Lean & Fit program
Round 4, 2013: Lean & Strong program


  1. Fireflies? Glow worms? They are asking me where they figure in this round..........

  2. YAY!! Glow worms are on the list!! :)

    1. :) Dedicated to you guys, but for myself, to push a little past a certain fear of animals limit ;)

  3. Fantastic break down of milestones and goals - think I may just have to do the same for myself - you've inspired me :)

    1. Hey Shirls, thanks for writing that, that's lovely :) You definetly should :) I feel a lot more focussed now that I know what I want to aim for / achieve. Dream big - I'd love if you could do your list :)

  4. What an inspiring and motivational to do list. Concourse I have every faith that you'll complete them all. In fact you may just have inspired my next blog post xo

  5. Kate this is so incredibly beautiful. And I know you are going to hit all these goals. Like Camilla, I think you have inspired my next blog post too x

  6. Great goals Kate :) Well thought out and structured. Your going to smash these :)

  7. Love your list and how much thought & time you've put into it. Well done! I look forward to watching you smash these goals each week!!! xxx

  8. Great ideas! I'm returning to full-time work next year so I have to get super organised too... loved seeing you in Sydney. Just wish there was time to catch up with everyone properly. Xox