Tuesday, 20 November 2012

If you can dream it, you can run a half marathon

I decided on something a while ago.
Only I knew.
It was a new goal for me.
It was a big goal.
It was so big that I thought people would laugh if I told them.
I told a friend.
She didn't laugh.
I told another friend.
She didn't laugh either.
I told a few more friends.
And they didn't laugh.
In fact they were all really supportive.
Tonight I told my family.
They were really supportive too.
And we're planning on making it a semi family affair. :)
I told them:

I am going to run a half marathon.

There we go!  Finally telling the world. :)  I was so nervous about telling people - I guess I thought they might laugh and tell me I was dreaming.  Well they didn't, and besides yes, I am dreaming.  Dreaming of a specific goal that I'll make happen!

I decided this a few months ago but have kept it to myself and recently slowly opened up to a few people.  Each time I tell someone it gives me the confidence to tell the next.  I then saw this video and it cemented the goal in my mind for me.  Check this out, it's an awesome clip:

Working on my goals for 2013 made me think it's time to put this out there.  So now I'm telling the world so that I can share my journey for this.  It's not even about accountability.  I make myself accountable.

I'm even going to put it on my Facebook profile.  That is huge.  I may be all brave here on my blog now with photos, but I still keep my personal Facebook profile very separate and don't discuss my health and fitness stuff.  But I will post about this.  Far out!

I have 7 months to train.  I may currently be 124kg and need a physio to help me 'remember' how to walk 'properly' from wearing the moon boot, but this is my goal.  I may fail at it!  And that's ok if I do.  But just between you and me, I will be running a half marathon (21km) in July 2013.

Just wanted to tell you. :)


  1. You can absolutely do it!!!! So proud of you girl x

  2. Amazingly fantastic!!! You go girl!!!!!! So proud! :)