Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Checking in and my strange new attachment

Hello!  We're into Week 2 already!  Time is just flying!  And, as always, I have so much to say.  Quick sum up of my last few days - things have been fairly on track.  But one thing I have to focus on is my organisation.  This is lacking and I have to revisit this pre-season task pronto (as in tonight) to help me out.  It is vital to my success :)
3 HRM's and none are working!

Training is going ok but not great. I know this sounds like an excuse but I am really struggling without having a HRM.  It is affecting me so much.  My beloved Polar has been broken / not working properly since Round 2 Week 12 and I still haven't been able to get it fixed - I can't find my proof of purchase so I can't send it away until I do.  I started getting so frustrated without it that I went to 2 different Aldi stores to buy a replacement HRM in the meantime.  They were selling them for $20 and I decided that $20 was worth the sanity until I can get my Polar fixed.

Both stores had sold out and I am still sans HRM.  I even have an old one that I have tried and it also isn't working.  And I tried the HRM connected to my treadmill - that doesn't even seem to be configured right - but obviously would only work on my treadmill anyway.

I've been training but (and I know this sounds dumb) I feel like I'm not compelled enough to train as hard if I can't measure it!  I know!  That is dumb!  I'm such a numbers person.  I didn't think I'd ever be so attached to my HRM!  I am struggling without mine.  I don't want to pay much more than $20 for a back-up one but I may have to.  I'm going to Perth finale in 2 days and I want to have one there.  Will see what I can organise tomorrow.  And in the meantime I need to find my proof of purchase so that I can get my Polar fixed!
A little reminder :)

Apart from that things are good - although I just got out of hospital (again) :(  I'm fine, it was just precautionary to do with stupid symptoms that keep recurring.  I (and when I got there the doctors) thought that I could have more blood clots.  This was only based on my symptoms.  Long story but they kept me in overnight and ran heaps of tests.  I was ok and not panicked this time...I was worried and upset but strangely calm.  My main immediate concern was if I had more, would I be allowed to fly to Perth?  The great news is that I have no clots :)  Not in my lungs or in my legs :)  I'm so relieved and I feel like I have a new lease on life again.

Anyway I am really tired, I think I slept for 3 hours at 1 hour intervals this morning, I kept getting woken up and prodded.  I fell asleep on the phone to a friend this afternoon (literally - the phone kept going silent on my end as I fell asleep) ;) so I have gotten home and had a shower, and I'm going to have an early night tonight.

Back to my job I hate tomorrow...I can't wait to get out of there.  It's toxic on my health.  I actually opened up to my new boss yesterday about my current health 'issue'.  I've only been there for 6 weeks and already have taken some time off because of hospital and doctors (1.5 days in total).  I thought I'd explain it so that she didn't think I was making it up or just being unreliable.  I broke down in front of her (doh!  I try to never cry at work (in public)) :( but I was so worried, I had shortness of breath and just wanted to go to the doctor.  I was trying to hold out until after work and she said to go early if I needed to, health is more important.  Excellent - however she then proceeded to ask me to finish some things before I left, and then texted me in hospital to ask me to do something.  One day I'll have a compassionate boss!

Anyway so back to the hell-hole tomorrow but it's just for 1 day and then I am off to Perth....my first time to Perth, a few very much needed days off work and I am excited I have SUCH a special weekend planned with some amazing people.

I came on here to write a post about my finale dress and haven't even mentioned that yet!  So I'll save that for another post - I also have an exciting story for you as well.  So much still to write!

Will sign off now as I need to go to bed but I'll write more tomorrow.

Lotsa love,
Love Coco xx

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