Friday, 31 August 2012

Bloggers Challenge #1: Week 1

Hi!  I'm taking part in the 12WBT Round 3 Bloggers Challenge, set up by the amazing 77Noni!  I'll continue to write my usual posts, but in addition, each week there'll be a new Bloggers Challenge topic to write about.  It sounds like a heap of fun, and hey, I'm already addicted to blogging, so this just gives me another excuse to write :)

If you're interested in taking part, check out 77Noni's awesome blog:

So, here we go for Bloggers Challenge Post #1!

1. Describe yourself in less than fifty words. What is it you want us to know about you?
Blonde.  Lover of pink.  Wear my heart on my sleeve.  Have a mega cute new niece.  Adore 12WBT.  Actress.  Open.  Empathetic.  Sensitive.  Love poking bruises.  Huge heart.           

2. This program is called a transformation. When you signed up for this round (whether is your ninth round, first round or somewhere in between) what was it about yourself you wanted to transform?
At the start, it was just my body.  With no flowery words lightening this up, I was fat and needed to lose weight!  Simple as.  What I didn't realise though, was that Mish was this amazing mindset transformer too!  And I guess what I also didn't realise, is that that was what I needed. As soon as I was in pre-season, I realised how much I had to transform in my mind before I could consider my body transformation being for life.

3. One of the phrases Michelle Bridges says that has struck a chord with me is that we should be striving to be the best version of ourselves. To me that means we don’t have to change ourselves completely in order to have a successful transformation. What is it about yourself you are happy with right now? It can be related to your mind, body or soul, and of course there may well be more than one thing you are happy with.
I'm simply happy that I have 31 years full of memories and experiences that have helped mould me who I am right now.  This gives me a foundation to have a transformation in the first place.  If I had a perfect rainbow glitter unicorn life then I wouldn't appreciate how amazing it feels to tranform myself.  And that's half of the fun of it, right there.  We all have experiences that have shaped us, both good and bad and everywhere in between.  We don't want to get rid of who we are/were.  No way!  We just want to get the best bits out of us and make them even more awesome than they already are.  

4. What aspect of this program do you think will present you with the toughest challenge. What are you going to focus on to ensure you feel successful at the end of the twelve weeks?
The toughest aspect is my mindsetTraining and nutrition and everything else?  Piece of cake carrot if you have your mindset right.  We are all capable of doing anything our hearts can imagine......If we believe in ourselves.  I struggle with this.  Well, I have in the past.  This is what I really need to work on.  I'm going to focus on strengthening my mind and resolve to go gung ho......For the 12 weeks?  Absolutely.  But mainly, for life.

5. What is it you look forward to the most in the next twelve weeks?
The entire 12WBT program - I love all aspects.  But mainly?  I look forward to smashing my goals and not letting anything stop me.

7. Can you describe what you want to see, think and feel when you look in the mirror on Sunday 18th November 2012.
I simply want to feel proud of myself.  I want to look in the mirror and know truthfully, on the inside, that I have worked my ass off over the 12 weeks.   Metaphorically....and literally ;)

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  1. Love this post!! So excited to be doing another round with you!!!