Saturday, 18 August 2012

Cadet Coco!

Me again!  So much still to say :)

I'm feeling really good today, I actually put some time aside and sat down and got some things organised.  I have started on my Round 3 pre-season tasks and plan to get up to date today, I sat down with my diary and to do list and got through some paperwork that I have let pile up, I cleaned my house and did some other as equally boring sounding but important stuff done.  I feel so much more focussed than I did just 2 days ago.  Mish said the words 'military precision' in one of her tasks and it has been buzzing in my ear ever since.  It is so true!  I need to have military precision in my life when it comes to training and being organised.  The last 6 months or so have been so crazy for me and I have seen what can happen if I don't stay on top of things.  I want to continue on 12WBT for Round 3 and beyond and do so many other things, and it's only going to work for me if I organise myself with militray precision.  So - I had a clear mind this morning which may have helped why I feel like I do today:

I went to boot camp this morning............and loved it.  Umm?  I really, really enjoyed it!  Some perspective: as you may have read, my very first boot camp was the day before Day 1, Week 1 of this round.  I was terrified and shed some secret tears when I got there.  I had never been to one before, the words 'boot camp' were always really scary for me.  It was something that my very fit friends did and I truly believed they went through torture with it.  I really had to push myself to go that very first day.  When I eventually got there, everyone else 'appeared' to be boot camp pros, and I was extremely unfit.  It did actually go well that day, but I was just very overwhelmed and wasn't great at it.

Fast forward 11 weeks to today: I haven’t been able to get to another boot camp since, instead I’ve been of course doing the 12WBT exercise plan plus my own training for 11 weeks.  I was strangely excited this morning about going along to my 2nd boot camp.  That confused me ;)  But I wasn’t disappointed!  I really enjoyed it!  Like, really enjoyed it!

I loved the boot camp itself – I loved pushing myself to beat my own reps – I loved the atmosphere and group – I loved the trainer (Ange, she is awesome) –  I loved when I looked up at the trees in this park and felt at peace - I LOVED that I could feel how much fitter I was today than 11 weeks ago – I LOVED that when we were asked to jog in a circle to warm up, I didn’t stop – whereas at Boot Camp #1, I could barely jog for 20 metres before feeling like I was going to collapse.  I couldn’t stop grinning either!  Seriously, what the? :)

My calories were 490 in an hour.  Not bad...I need to finish SSS today though.  So on the way home, I even considered doing another boot camp this afternoon!  (Ange is running a few today).  I am purposely still wearing my training gear, I have a few things I have to get done today so if I can go hard and get things done, I think I will go to this afternoon’s boot camp too!  From tears at boot camp #1 to wanting to do 2 boot camps in one day in just 11 weeks?  What is wrong with me?  Mish, I think we need to chat.  What have you done with the real Coco Girl? ;)   These two events really showed me clearly how much I've changed.  Everything else may seem more gradual to me right now, but when I look at Boot Camp #1 to Boot Camp #2, it makes things really obvious for me.  My life has completely changed over the last few months and it continues to.  I am loving this so much and I have so many aspects of it that I'm reflecting on this week.  I'll leave that for another post.  But I am loving this and have the biggest smile on my face.  Bring on Week 12 and then Round 3!

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