Saturday, 25 August 2012

Coco Girl's round up of Round 2 :)

After a very reflective few days, I put together a list of things that I've learnt, achieved and become aware of over the past 12-14 weeks.  I'm putting this out there for myself.  I have learnt a lot on the inside; I feel I have freedom from myself (if that makes sense) and I know I now have the tools to keep at it.  So tomorrow I will put Round 2 to rest and make my commitment to Round 3 (and beyond), and simply look toward the future.


My first 12WBT round, Round 2, 2012:

  • The boring numbers: I've lost 15.4kg (12.9kg since Week 1) and lost 52.4cm.  My BMI reduced from 46 down to 41.  These numbers may not be as much as I 'wanted' but the rest of the stuff I have gained far outweighs the numbers at this point.  But in saying that?  I am smaller than I was 14-ish weeks ago and I will own that. 

  • I've trained like a demon at times and I know that I can train more.
  • I became well acquainted with my HRM and calories as a whole - in and out.
  • I've realised that I can push myself and push through pain.
  • I'm a runner!  My first fitness test in Week 1, I felt like I would collapse after running for 200m.  Now I can run for 1km!  (And am building on that: 5km by the end of Round 3 baby!)
  • I realised how important 'military precision' or simply being organised is to this journey and just to life in general.

  • I realised that it is very easy to make a commitment / promise at the start of the round when you have a packet of Tim Tams next to you.  Actually carrying through with this commitment - that is the real test.  And I have done so :)


  • I not only attempted my first boot camp, I now love them!

  • I did many things that scared me and achieved all of my milestones (so far - one more to go next week!) :)

  • I met the most amazing people - fellow 12WBT'ers.  The things I have shared with these new friends is so sacred.  They have been pillars of strength and inspiration.  They have answered my questions.  They have been honest with me.  They have been patient with me when maybe sometimes I took a while for things to click...I've always been a late bloomer :)  I have met up with many of them - new friends are awesome.  I've had some of them offer to meet me for dinner just to make me smile after a bad day, others offered to pick me up from or just sit with me in hospital, , others who send me messages of encouragement, others who have driven an hour to cheer me on in things outside of 12WBT, others just make me feel 'enough' :) --- these are girls I've either met once briefly, or never met!  12WBT'ers have the biggest hearts.  I have been inspired by their strength and courage.

  • I had so many light bulb moments that it was like a fireworks display.  Things clicked in the last 12-14 weeks more than they have in 15 years.
  • I now understand the importance of the word 'consistency'.
  • I finally worked out where my previous weight issues have come from.
  • I finally realised that I was an emotional over-eater.  I didn't realise this before!
  • I have become comfortable with weighing myself once a week (instead of every day) and not panicking - because I trust the program and know that it will work. Weighing in is now just a tracking process that makes me smile rather than a daily mood setter.
  • My pants have fallen off a few times! (Thankfully not in public) :)
  • My fitness test results have improved every 4 weeks and I can feel that improved fitness when I train.
  • I have had fun! 12WBT is really fun- there's so many aspects to focus on, keep me entertained and help me.

  • I am learning to not self sabotage.

  • I've learnt not to eat my emotions......and just feel feelings.....and roll with the punches.

  • I am getting my sparkling eyes back :)
  • And perhaps most importantly, I now believe in myself.  I can't wait for Round 3.  Thanks Mish and 12WBT :)


  1. Fantastic what you can acieve and receive in 12 weeks isn't it. And so good when it's not all about the numbers...

  2. That was very inspiring to read Coco, I'm about to start my first round of 12WBT and I have been petrified just with the organisation of everything.
    Thank you for reminding me that I will be able to do this and that I just need to sit down and work it all out.
    Thank you!