Thursday, 2 August 2012

It's more than riding a bike

I did it! I rode my bike! I achieved my Week 8 Mini Milestone! It wasn't as terrifying in the end as I had geared it up to be. (Although I didn't connect my brakes properly because it's been so long and I didn't remember to do that, but we won't speak about that!) ;)

But yes it's all done and I am really proud of myself.  And now to keep going! :)

I have heaps more exciting stuff to talk about as well. I'm already starting to think about my goals and milestones for Round 3! But for now I'll focus on Round 2 and give it my all. A quote (thanks to BUPA) for you to ponder until my next post...

"What would you do if you met a healthier version of yourself?"


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