Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sharps containers and chainsaws


So much to talk about!  I'll try and keep it short (well, short for me) ;)  And I think I'll do a couple of posts today to stay on topic. :)

I had a big week.  I had my GP appointment to confirm that I could come off the Warfarin.  Firstly, it was great news.  I was taken off it immediately, the PE's are gone and there is no scarring in my lungs.  Awesome :)  I was so excited before I went in, it felt so monumentous.  But I felt a little deflated afterwards.  I think because I thought everything could return to normal after, but he said any time I travel long distance for the rest of my life, I need to inject myself with Clexane or take a massive dose of Aspirin.  My clots were caused by being on the Pill which I am now off, but anything to reduce the risks for me is worth doing.  He said if I travel overseas, or go on a long bus trip, or (he actually said this): "for example, if you ever go to Perth".

I'm going to Perth in 3 weeks for finale!  Quite funny.  Anyway, so I have to do this for my Perth flights.  I did not expect to have to take needles with me on the flight!  I was pretty upset about that.  I don't know why exactly but I think it was just a little disappointment: for 6 months now I've believed that everything will go back to normal in 6 months, and now there is still one thing I have to do.  The words 'for the rest of your life' are quite daunting too.

But really?  I know this isn't a big deal.  It's not like I go to Perth or overseas every week!  (Or every year for that matter!)  In the grand scheme of things - it's nothing.  Everything else goes back to normal!  I'm alive and very lucky and if that's all that I have to put up with?  That's pretty damn good, isn't it.

I have some questions I didn't think to ask him and I am going to have to keep an eye on my anxiety with headaches etc. but overall it's awesome.  As one friend reminded me that night, I am off the 'poison'!  (That's the nickname for Warfarin because it's so full on).  She also said I can now go and eat broccoli and play with chainsaws!  hahaa I love her.  Ok, so I haven't done that yet but the point is, I can if I want to. :P  I can take the pink Post-It note out of my wallet that warns people that I'm on Warfarin (if I'm in an accident) and I can do so many other things (see my Rollercoaster post for the long story).  As another friend wisely said, life would be very boring if everything ran smoothly with no bumps.  So true.  I think I was expecting an internal fanfare in the GP's office that day and I initially found it hard when I didn't get that.  But 'retrospective perspective' is a wonderful thing and I am cool now.

I may have to keep my sharps container but maybe that can just be a reminder for me of how lucky that I am.   My new motto that I recently developed is "roll with the punches and love the good times".  I'm definitely loving this time.  Bring on the broccoli!

Love, Coco :) xo

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