Monday, 27 August 2012

You'll start happening too

WELCOME TO ROUND 3!  Today's the first day of Round 3 of 12WBT!

I have so much on my mind at the moment, I'm feeling what do I do?  I write on my blog.  No promises that this post won't be a mismatch of my thoughts, in a random order....I have no thought structure in my mind tonight so I doubt it will get into any such order in words :)

From a program point of view, I had a good day.  Calories in and out were good.  Just a few hiccups that have really been frustrating me.  I'm going to complain for a sec and then get over it.  I just have to get it out - nothing's that huge but I'm letting little things get to me, so bear with me :)

And I know you'll hike far
My Polar isn't working :(  I've known about this for a week too, since it fell off at boot camp - which just makes me frustrated at myself for not getting it fixed sooner.  I had a vague sense that the Polar fairies may have fixed it and it may have rectified itself.  No :(  It may just need a new battery, but it seems to be broken.  So I couldn't trust my calories burnt this morning when I did my 5km walk (along the river this time, no hospital visits!).  Then tonight I tried to use my old cheap HRM but it didn't work.  Then I even tried to use the one connected to my treadmill while I did Learn To Run.  I don't think those calories were right.  I was running, and it showed less calories than I burn while walking.  AUGH!!  I am so frustrated! 
My first whole pumpkin ;)
I know I shouldn't be, but I'm very numbers focussed.  I adore my Polar and live by it.  And now I have to be without a HRM for a few days while I send it away to get fixed.  I tried not to let it bother me but I did.  I had a crap day at work (it's a bit hard not to when you hate your job).  Then while I was running tonight, my shins really hurt and I don't know why and I couldn't run or even walk for as long as usual.  I am recovering from a very minor cold but I doubt that's it, I was fine with breathing etc.  Maybe my feet are just tired from walking today?  Who knows.  I started crying on the treadmill - I don't even know why.

Soup all made!
Anyway, I shouldn't worry because all of these things are fixable, I can estimate the calories burnt and the main thing is I was on track with calories and everything.  On a brighter note, I finally made pumpkin soup that didn't fail!  I've only tried it 2-3 times before and each time I have miserably stuffed up.  But I tried this week's recipe one and it worked!  Ooh yeah!

And now I have heaps of meals in the freezer for those last minute meals.  I also love that I had to buy a whole pumpkin to make these meals - I've never bought a whole pumpkin before!  I loved it :)  Another first, I bought artichokes for the first time....I didn't even know what they were so it was hard to find them!  Ahhh the small things hey? :)
View on my walk today

Starting Round 3 today made me think of how I felt when I started Round 2.  I was terrified for one!  I loved it.  I was overwhelmed.  I did everything.  I was excited.  Similar feelings today, except this time I'm not terrified :)  I watched a video before a couple of times, it's one that I posted here once (here's a link): Today is your day  I often watch this to cheer me up (watch it, you won't regret it!)  One of the phrases struck me tonight: 

And when things start to happen, don't worry.
Don't stew.
Just go right along.
You‟ll start happening too.

It's right you know.  Just go right along....just keep going....and you'll start happening too. :)

I realised that I haven't made my commitment yet.  I've been working on it, but I haven't put it out there yet.  So that will be my next step.  I've also got to finalise my goals.  I think I'll feel a lot more on track when I do those things.  I've decided that I am moving forward and not looking back.  Enough chit chat and thinking, more JFDI and chasing those dreams until I can grab them.
I hope everyone doing Round 3 had a great first day.  I'm off to prop myself up.  I'm really excited about this round; I'm proud I didn't let little things stop me today, but I have to get a bit more cheery. :)  And I will.

Just go right along...............this round there will be no excuses.  Team, you're off to great places.

Oh, the places you'll go.

Love Coco xx


  1. Coco Girl. Don't ignore your shin pain.

    I have had shin splints before, and if what you are feeling is pain inside, up the shin then you need to get it seen to! Urgently! Otherwise you can't walk or run. It is crippling pain eventually.

    First things first, stretch out your calves and achilles tendon by putting a phone book against a wall, propping your toes up on it, and leaning in to the wall. Next look at your feet. Like most chicks you probably pronate on your feet (your feet roll). Go to a podiatrist and get an insert for your shoes. It makes all the difference. Let us all know how you get on! LUCK!

  2. I love Dr Seuss, especially these quotes! I noticed that you've lost weight in round 2 - have you tried tightening your Polar HRM? Apparently, if not tight enough the readings go haywire. Happened to me on Saturday too! They have a list of common problems and fixes on their website. If these don't work, send it in for a service :) Great blog and keep up the GREAT work :) Sophsta