Sunday, 16 September 2012

Exercise high!!!!!

I've always been the kind of girl who would do her best to get out of PE at school. I'd be the one at the back of the cross country, walking and eating M&M's. I wouldn't run, even for the train. No way. I'd drive to Red Rooster which is a block away, rather than walk. You get the picture.

But I've been thinking how much I have changed just in a few months.

-I've been looking forward to this weekend because I had 2 boot camps / group training sessions on. I've been looking forward to it more than other weekends where I have parties and baby showers and lunches with friends.
-Last week at Perth finale, I was worried about not having a dress to wear. $ is tight but I worked out a way to go shopping for a new dress. But at the last minute I changed my mind and instead used the spare $ I did have for a dress, to replace my Polar instead as that was more important to me.
-On Friday a lady at a shop asked if I had "gym brain" as I was dressed in training gear and was distracted when she served me. (People don't often put the word "gym" together with me, this just gave me a giggle) ;)
-I feel more comfortable in training clothes rather than normal clothes.
-I have been craving exercise.
-I have to remember to take my HRM strap off when it's not needed- I'm so used to it being up my top.
-I've trained this week more than I have in a while and it feels fricken awesome.
Cal burn from yesterday's training session

I have just been loving it! Yesterday I did a group training session with the awesome Angela Wallace, Mason Luxford and Margie from The Biggest Loser. I had a ball! I burnt 914 calories in the 90min., my max heart rate was 191. It worked us HARD. This was the first session I've ever had where my legs were so tired that they collapsed from under me. I didn't go to sit down, I fell down! I wanted to stand and walk but for a bit there my body refused to let me! I felt that all day and night, I call it Bambi Legs, ouch!

This morning I did a back-up session with Ange and a whole stack of other 12WBT'ers. I am in so much pain from yesterday but I gave it my best shot and had heaps of fun.

I'm just on the biggest high though- from getting those calories burnt, from the endorphins, from the experiences and from the people. We had an unofficial QLD finale party last night too- and I've been thinking a lot about how I am really relishing being surrounded by so many like minded and positive people. I had a few people in both training sessions this weekend who helped me get through it. I was a bit of a weakling this weekend for some reason, but some of the girls really pushed me through, they held my hand, high 5'd me, stood on my toes to help me do butterfly sit ups when I was struggling and slowed to my pace to go alongside me. The encouragement is just out of this world and makes me feel in top of the world!

I've just been grocery shopping (finally!) and am about to do a massive cook up! Will post about that later. I'm looking forward to weigh in this week, I've been eating clean and upping my training, and as my trainers said: "you get out what you put in." Here's hoping!

Just wanted to drop by and say how much of a high I'm on from training! High on training, people and the process.

Love Coco Girl! Xx

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  1. WOW!!! Completely awesome! Well done chicky you are ROCKIN it outa the park!! Huge kudos and Hi 5's for you!