Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Introducing...The Yellow Dress

THE yellow dress
Ok.  So the countdown is on.  We have 59 days until Sydney finale.  That's pretty much 2 months away - 8 weeks and 5 days :)  I have so many goals to achieve by finale, but I have a new one.  I shared this with a small group of friends the other day and thought I'd add it here as well, to make me even more accountable!

I have a dress that I will be wearing on the weekend of finale!  It is this yellow one.  What's special about this dress, do you ask?  Well, nothing!  Apart from the fact that I want to wear it!  I have a stack of dresses and I love each one...this is just a random dress I have.  And I miss wearing it!  I've had it hanging up for weeks now, as inspiration.  It's not even my goal size or anything.  But the other day I tried it on and was disappointed that it didn't do up.  We had an unofficial finale for QLD and the theme was 'gold'.  I thought it would have been awesome if I could have worn it.  I know that I was nowhere near the size I was when I last wore this, but I tried it on anyway.  And this is what it looked like:

Side view...maybe if I suck in really hard....?

Instead of being disappointed, I made a new resolve - I will wear this on the finale weekend!  Not to finale itself, but just out and about!  This is as far as it would stretch around me.  There was no way this zip was being done up!  (Oh, and umm don't mind the sexy crop top, I had just gotten home from training when I took this photo) ;)

So yes!  I will be wearing this in...59 days time!  It's a little goal I set with a few friends but I still wanted to share it with you and I will keep you updated on this yellow dress and it's measurements!  It's a random, funny little goal that I'm looking forward to.  Any little thing that can keep me encouraged and running forward is great.  This is my little yellow dress goal :)

Hope you're all having a great week, Week 4 of 12WBT.  Tomorrow is weigh in Wednesday!  eeek!  I'm hoping for a good result tomorrow.  I've been training like a demon and eating mostly clean (have been within calories).  I took a forced rest day today as I have the DOMS of all DOMS.  I have been having trouble walking, I am in so much pain.  I pushed through it yesterday with 3 gentle walks but after a bit of research last night decided to take today off to let my body recover.  It's slowly getting better but let me tell you there has been a lot of moaning coming out of my mouth this week!

We have our fitness test and our mini milestone challenge this week as well - it's a big week!  I have a few more posts at the top of my mind so will be back on here soon.  One of them is all about Diet Coke....funny that! :)

Love Coco x

Size 16 by 17th November weekend!


  1. What a beautiful dress for a beautiful person xx

  2. I have no doubt that this carrot you are dangling will be the impetus you need and you will wear that dress over the Sydney weekend. Congratulations on your wonderful blog win, so very well deserved.


  3. The dress looks fantastic and you'll look great wearing it over finale weekend :) Good luck!!