Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I left a piece of myself in the Swan River...

Hello!  What a weekend!  I'm back from Round 2 finale in Perth.  Incredible!  I won't be able to describe it accurately, but it was amazing.  I met the most AMAZING people, I visited the other side of my beloved country, I got inspired, I met Mish (!) :), I adored the group workout, I had fun, I laughed, I didn't stop, I felt beautiful at the finale party, I just had the most fantastic weekend.

I wanted to share two little moments with you (trust me, these are two moments out of a gazillion amazing moments I had!) :)

One of them was at the group workout.  I was so overcome at the workout.  I was so high on the atmosphere, the culmination of 12+ weeks of doing 12WBT, the inspiring people I was surrounded by...it was one of those moments of truth in life.  I kept grinning all through the workout, just because I was enjoying it and having so much fun!  Fun at the workout and fun doing 12WBT.  I feel so thankful for this program.

After the workout, we did a warm down, led by the trainers.  I was standing there at the back of the crowd, watching a sea of people, all of these courageous, inspiring people and new friends, and we were stretching our arms in the air to the side, and this is the song they had as the backing track: "Proud" by Heather Small.  The main chorus line is: "What have you done today to make yourself feel proud".  A link is here:


Oh gosh.  It was another backing track to amazing moments in my life :)  Ahhh the tears poured out then!  I was exhausted, exhilarated and overwhelmed, and looking at this sight and listening to this song was just amazing.  It seemed to capture my 12WBT journey so far, so well.  What a fantastic workout.

I had a moment during the workout actually that amused me.  I was really, really tiring.  We were doing lunges and squats.  Up, down, up, down, up, down.  I was giving this my all but my body physically was being pushed to my limits.  I thought I'd have to stop as I really couldn't lunge or squat any more.  I glanced at my heart rate monitor (yes I replaced it whoohoo!) and my heart rate was at 190.  I was shattered!  And then I look up, and literally 2 metres away from me, was Mish.  Let me just say she is one incredible Personal Trainer.  She wasn't even looking at me, but let me tell you, if your legs feel like they'll collapse and your heart rate is at 190, and Michelle Bridges is just standing next to you?  You don't stop.  hahaha.  Best motivation to keep at it ever! :)

My other moment that I wanted to share was a really special one.  I've finally spoken my commitment for this round.  I was inspired all weekend and was go go go and had the best time, but then on Monday, a few hours before I had to go to the airport, I spent about half an hour by myself alongside the Swan River.  I sat there with my feet dangling over the edge, and clutched a little oragami paper crane that I bought from the Fremantle markets the day before.  Paper cranes symbolise, amongst many things, hope, belief, peace, and offers a focal point of dreams coming true. 

I sat for a while by myself and then threw the crane into the river and I watched it float away.  It was an odd thing to do maybe but I just did it for me, I feel like I got so inspired in Perth, on top of how I already am, and I wanted to leave a little piece of me there.  When we took off in the plane on the way home, as we were going through the clouds, it made it feel like I had been in a different world, a dream land for 4 days..as I peaked at Perth and rose up through the clouds.  And it kind of was like a dream land.

I'm back to reality now (yuck) but I'm feeling more focused to get on with my journey.  I made a commitment:
I commit to myself, Mish, 30+ crew, my family and my friends, to be the very best version of myself that I can be. I won't let anything stop me. 
Thanks Perth for an incredible weekend.  Perth is a beautiful city, Perth people are so hospitable, Mish was so genuine, 12WBT'ers are so inspirational and beautiful, and 12WBT itself is just so enjoyable.
I'm off to keep enjoying my journey.  I've dedicated myself.  Have a great Week 3 :)
This was on the wall in my friends hotel

I do!


Watching my paper crane float away...

Langley Park, across from where I sat by the river

We wore this on our arms...life really is a gift

My beautiful new Polar.  I love training again now!

Thank you

Beautiful Perth

I will choose to be happy


  1. That song at the cooldown of the workout made me cry too! It was lovely having you here in perth! xxx

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