Sunday, 16 September 2012

Chef Coco in the kitchen!

BAM!  My cooking for the week is DONE!  I just spent a few hours in the kitchen getting some meals cooked and ready!  All it took was a trip to Wooly's, a few hours in the kitchen, 12WBT recipes, and getting my ass into gear to get down and organised in the kitchen!  5x 12WBT meals cooked, 1 to go!

I've been so disorganised lately and it has been driving me nuts.  I've been buying my groceries on the day, each day, and have been all over the shop.  I decided to finally get my act together and make a few meals to freeze.  I'll spread these out and use some as emergency meals, but it's good knowing I have food there and ready to go. 

I made myself a 12WBT bacon and egg roll when I got home from boot camp which went down very well!  I then got hard in the kitchen and made the 12WBT lasagne, spinach and ricotta cannalloni and the penang chicken, and they are all now in the freezer!  They smelt awesome so I am impressed that I didn't want to taste test any.  I was actually feeling really faint while cooking, I don't know why but decided that my body needed more food.  My breakfast was really late so I wasn't hungry yet but I think my body just needed more, as I've been pushing myself with training.  Soooo I cooked the 12WBT beef with creamy mushroom for a very late lunch, got the red meat into me and I am now feeling much better!

Yummy meals and I feel great that I now have many meals tucked in my freezer.  There are NO EXCUSES now.

Funny side note, I keep getting amazed at all of the new foods I've been trying.  There's nothing extreme or strange, but just random condiments that I have never cooked with before.  Red curry paste, fish sauce, passatta .... I didn't even know what that was!  It's hard to find things in the aisles sometimes!  But it's great :)

Anyway I am off, just wanted to show you my organisation prowess from today! :)

Have an awesome Sunday night xx


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  1. That is a NICE looking stockpile there Miss :)