Sunday, 28 October 2012

My 1st parkrun: proving it to myself

Fell asleep mid-word
I'm walking like an old woman, I have red marks covering my torso (wet HRM/Spibelt chafing under wet clothes for 24 hours) and fell asleep earlier before I could finish typing this word to Tweet

Parkrun and Relay for Life: done!  What a full on 24 hours.  I've actually split up this blog post into 2 parts - my posts are long enough as they are, I know. :)  So this is Part 1....Part 2, about Relay For Life, can be found in my next blog post.

Warm up
It started with parkrun at New Farm yesterday morning.  I was so nervous beforehand.  Like feeling nauseous-nervous.  For those uninitiated, parkrun is, to quote from their website: "parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world.  They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in."

In my head though, the description of parkrun was "something my fit friends do that I wouldn't dream of attempting any time soon." ;)
And we're off!

However I agreed to trying one out when a supportive friend suggested I could do it a few weeks ago.  It's been in my diary, ------ and on my mind, since.  She knew I could do it.  And I wanted to do it.  I did.  For a few reasons, but for one, to prove to myself that I could do it, and to remind myself that I can run 5km, and that Bridge to Brisbane (my first and only 5km run last month), wasn't just a fluke or a once off.

I was so nervous beforehand - as the time went on the more panicked I got.  I wouldn't have pulled out - I don't do that (unfortunately!) ;)  but I didn't know how I'd go.  I've only run 5km once!  And that was a total surprise.  I only started running a few months ago.  At the gathering area before it started, I stood there thinking seriously what am I doing here?  I don't belong here.

But I did it. :)  Ooh yeah ;)  I am slow.  Very slow.  But my friend ran beside me, at my slow pace, the whole way.  She was awesome.  Another friend doubled back after finishing her 5km to run the rest of the way with us.  I had so much support, :) I worried about my breathing a few times but pushed past it and simply did it!  My time for B2B was 48:47.  My time for parkrun was 45:12!  More than 3min. off :)  The friend who doubled back just completed a marathon and gave me the advice to hold onto those 3min. improvements, as she said, nowadays a 3 second improvement is good for her :)

I'm so glad I did it - I enjoyed it and am proud of myself.

Part 2 of yesterday is coming in my next blog post...stay tuned :)

B2B wasn't a fluke :)

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  1. Go you! You've really given me hope for the 6K run I've signed up for in January. I have serious doubts that I can do it, but you are inspiring me to just keep on going and believe in yourself. Thank you Coco Girl.