Tuesday, 30 October 2012

An open letter to my friends

Dearest friends,

One of you told me something yesterday, that blew me away. You told me about something that a lot of you have done, for me.  We'll call it #operationstunner (#OS) - because my gosh it is a stunner of a thing, and I have been stunned / speechless / open mouthed now for a record almost 24 hours. :)  I've been processing it now for this long and I still don't have the words. Any words. I'm writing this blog post blindly, not even sure if I can finish it. There's one particular thing I haven't said yet, because even though it's the most important word, it also doesn't seem enough. "Thank you."  It doesn't encompass everything I need it to stand for.

What do you do when thank you isn't enough? I guess the incredible thing about #OS is that I know that everyone involved probably don't feel the need to be thanked. That's what makes it even more special. I have been shown the greatest generosity, warmth and support over the past week. In a series of things that culminated in #OS yesterday.

My friends: have you ever been shown such compassion or generosity before? From anyone. I'm talking anything- maybe just a smile from a passing stranger when you're having a bad day. Do you know those times that turn your day around, or your week, month or even year? Do you know that when you're on the giving end of that compassion, you have no idea just how much effect you can have? You don't always know where that person is at the time and how much impact you are capable of making. Just like the passing stranger smiling has no idea just how bad your day was, you don't always know what's going on or how much you have the ability to help someone.

Yesterday and so many times last week I was blown away by how much people care. I asked "why?" because, well, I didn't know what else to ask. But I meant it - why? Why would people be so generous and thoughtful? 

I came up with an idea yesterday that I'm really excited about. It needs a few things set in place to work, but I will let you know very soon what it is. It's my way of saying thanks because, well, as I said, "thank you" isn't enough. So stay tuned for that.

But in the meantime please know to never underestimate the power of support. The beauty I have seen from friends (this includes family), through the years, this year, last week and in the amazing #OS, warms my soul. It reminds me that we all have the opportunity to help our friends, our community, people around us and afar. Something as seemingly meaningless as a kind word or smile can have a (pink) butterfly effect ripple like you wouldn't believe. There's a lot of sad, scary and disappointing things in this world. But when we have our friends around us, or even just someone to say we're going to be alright, we can achieve so much more. Please never ever underestimate your power to help someone. Pay it forward, tell someone they're amazing, smile at the sad looking man on the park bench. YOU have the power to remind other people that THEY have the power. Because sometimes they forget. And sometimes they forget their own strength.

I truly don't know what I've done to deserve such amazing friends. I am completely blessed and I know that more than ever now, if I surround myself with happiness, red, support, love, care and things that feel good, I can move mountains. Only in my wildest dreams could I have imagined having friends like I do in my life. 

To the angels who were involved with #OS, and the head angel who made this happen and had me open mouthed for a good couple of hours, :) you are incredible beyond belief. When we get bogged down with life, with stuff, with disappointments, sometimes we have to ignore the doldrums of responsibility and just do something that puts a huge smile on our face and reignites our passion. And thanks to my #OS angels, I can.

I love you all, my #OS'ers and everyone else who enriches my life.  And even though this doesn't seem enough....from the very centre, middle of my heart,
You reminded me that I am the luckiest girl in the world xoxoxoxoxoxooxo

Pagsanjan Falls 2004 - another moment in my life when words weren't enough :)


  1. You haven't *done* anything to deserve this, it's happened because you are YOU. That's all. xxx

  2. #OS mission accomplished #payitforward #thewayweroll

  3. I felt the same way not so long ago, but it's true... it's been out there waiting for you the whole time... You just had to find it (them) xx

  4. #stillsmiling #stillblownaway :) That's what blows me away - that they are out there, well, here :) so lucky xo

  5. Thank you gorgeous Camilla, will email you soon. Xoxo

  6. hmmm, I wish I knew what you were on about, but moreso, I wish I had a chance to be in on it!

  7. You are a beautiful soul Katy, remember that :)

  8. You are a true gem Kate... Don't ever forget that xx