Sunday, 14 October 2012

Do all the events

Hi guys! 
Growing some wings ;)

Just stopping in to say a quick hi. I have been off the radar this week I know- I've had a big, big week. I've been really wanting to share it with you and have been trying to find the right clarity behind it all but I'm still processing it so watch this space. :)

But I still wanted to drop by and say hi. I thought I'd let you know what I'm up to for the next few weeks, training wise. I have a lot planned. But I'm loving it. These training sessions or events are the current highlights of my week----so I'm not about to give them away. I'm stealing this (modified) picture that some friends used when we went to Perth. Because this is how I feel.  "Do all the events."

Ok we can't always do all of the events, but why not try them - if we're enjoying them and if we can manage them, and if they're making us happy, then why not? This is something I've been thinking of a lot lately. You gotta do what makes you happy!
Boot camp with a view!

I've completely changed lately, if anything just in regards to training. On Thursday I took an annual leave day- my first paid one in 8 years. It's not a common thing for me. And I spent it doing something that isn't common for me either. I got up mega early and made my way up the coast for boot camp. My old annual leave days wouldn't have involved surfacing from bed before 11am- now I'm getting out of bed in the dark and driving for an hour and a half to do a boot camp to kick start my day off? Weirdo :P

On Friday night my Mum rang me. The conversation went something like this:

Mum: "Hi darling, where are you?"
Me: "Maroochydore" (1.5 hours drive from me)
Mum: "What are you doing there?" (I'd only finished work a few hours earlier).
Me: "Yoga"
Mum: "What? You went to the coast to do yoga?"
Me: (pause) "Yep"
Mum: "Have you been drinking?"

Boot camp this morning

So she was joking about the drinking (I'm not really a drinker) but there was an element of truth in her question and it took a bit more to convince her that I did travel on a Friday night to do....exercise. Shock horror! :)

Anyway- back to my upcoming stuff.

Boot camp on Thursday

On Friday I'm going to join some 12WBTers to climb the Kangaroo Point stairs here in Brisbane. It's a bit of a big step for me, it's something I've always been too nervous to try before. I've always thought that the 'KP stairs' were for other people.....essentially fit people.

Then this weekend I'm doing my first triathlon!!!! I haven't thought much about it or talked about it. It's a goal I've had for a few years now and never got around to or bothered with or thought I was fit / good enough to do.  So I made it as my Week 8 mini milestone. Its a small triathlon, it's not exactly Ironman, but this will be a huge thing for me.

The morning of the tri, I'm going to climb a mountain. Haha! No wonder my mum thinks I'm under the influence ;) It's a fundraiser for an event I'm doing and I want to be a part of it.  We're climbing Mt Coot-tha- doing the Kokoda track again. I really wanted to do it but it was in the same day as my tri. But looking at the times, I can manage both. Kokoda is at 6am in Brisbane; it'll take about 1.5 hours to do that, then I'll hot tail it down to the Gold Coast for the triathlon. Crazy girl but I can't wait.
Recovery time at boot camp - why not be a plane?

The weekend after I'm doing another thing that scares me, Parkrun. Ahhh. For those who haven't heard of it, it's an organised (& from what I hear, very popular) 5km run each week. My fit runner friends do it and again, it's something that I've never even considered doing myself at this point. Besides, I've only run 5km that one time. And I've seriously been feeling like that was a fluke. But a friend said I should come along- apparently people walk it, there are all different levels, and above all, she thinks I'd be fine. So I have agreed to go along. I'm petrified but I'm going to do it. Apart from the obvious mindset hurdle, my other big thing to move past will be my breathing. The reason I've been feeling like my 5km run was a fluke was because ever since then, I've been having trouble breathing while running. And I can tell it's predominately anxiety based. Hmmm. Have to fix that somehow!

New addiction

So that is in the morning. That afternoon I'm taking part in Relay for Life, an 18 hour relay walking event. It runs from 3pm-9am and teams have to walk/run a track all night. We don't have to walk individually for the entire 18 hours, but at least one team member has to be on the track at all times. It's an event to raise money and awareness of Cancer. So Parkrun will be our warm up to the 18 hour walking event that afternoon!

Over the next couple of weeks I'm considering doing a couple of events - my friend is organising a 50km+ bush walk - I'd like to do it but logistically and endurance wise, I have to be smart about it. I'm looking at Warrior Dash also. Then I have my Week 12 major milestone, I decided on a new one seeing as I achieved my original one in Week 1! I'm going to run 5km with a mate, and aim to run it in under 45min. I chose this as my major milestone as it'll prove to me that my 5km wasn't a one off fluke and I want to now work on getting my time down (my Bridge to Brisbane time was 48:47).

Then we have finale in Sydney, so the big workout with Mish. The following weekend is a boot camp being run by the one and only Hoffy, who's coming up to Queensland to train us. The next day is another triathlon that I'd like to do- we'll see how I go. 

And in between, just my usual boot camps that I am now addicted to! This week is Week 8 so we have our fitness test and time trial. Eeek we'll see how I go.

Anyway that's all from me tonight, I just wanted to drop in to say hi and that I am still here. I will write more about my big week soon. Just give me a few more days to process it all :) Have an awesome week and go for gold every day.

Love Coco Girl xo

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