Friday, 3 January 2014

This year I get to my goal weight!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to say hi and welcome to 2014.  I had a good NYE, albeit slightly crazy.  One of the
NYE: Size 12 dress - in Jupiters casino wearing my running shoes :)
weird things from the night is I travelled in time!  I went back to the future!  For real!  Haha!  A friend and I drove from QLD at 11:15pm QLD time, interstate to NSW where it was already after midnight and therefore 2014.  We then went back to QLD, back to 2013, and saw in the new year properly.  So this is the 2nd time I've been in 2014!  That's how much I love this year! lol ;)

I'm so excited about this year...about so many things, but one of them is I'm going to get to my goal weight this year!  Imagine not having to make the resolution or goal of "Lose weight" again - I think I have made this my goal every year since I was a teenager.  Imagine getting to NYE this year and not having to make that goal :)  That's what I'm gonna do this year - I can now say 'this year' :)

I don't have too much to report other than I am working hard on Operation Birthday!  I had quite a lazy few weeks which resulted in 3 days totally off track last week.  I haven't failed - in fact the
opposite - if I keep going at the rate I'm going and stick to my plan, this will be my most successful round to date.  The few weeks / 3 days does bother me but oh well it's happened now.  It is Christmas and the new year and I'm on holidays and most importantly, I am not perfect, so these things happen.  There's still 4 weeks left of the round.

So, 1 month out from Operation Birthday, I pulled myself together and reminded myself that I really really want this.  My goal for my birthday is important to me.  I still have far to go beyond that, but for now this is all I'm focussing

So - over the past week I've been working hard.  I've been on holidays which has been amazing - a little hard to be out of routine (and also boot camp is on holiday too!) but I'm really proud of myself.

Climbed Kokoda for the last time of 2013 on NYE morning
I planned and prepped all of my meals (I am now using pillow case inserts and a swish looking lunch bag instead of pencil cases by the way!  The pencil cases became dirty and broken and were a little embarrassing at work ;)  They did serve me well though).  But I got it all ready and have been sticking to my
Shocked that we had travelled in time :)
nutrition to a T and working really, really hard with exercise.  I've made it an absolute priority and I am just working hard.

I was a little deflated with my Week 8 fitness test and measurement results.  I think I did worse in every single result.  Just slightly, but still....  But that's ok!  It's just created an extra goal for Operation Birthday, to better each result tenfold.

I'm pretty bloody determined and I know I will get there or be pretty bloody close.

3rd time wearing shorts!
Tonight I'm spending working out my exercise plans for the month.  I don't usually plan so far in advance but it's really only 3.5 weeks worth and I have a lot already booked in.  Aside from this weekend, I have an event each weekend (well, at least one!).  Next weekend I have the 11km Resolution Run.  The following weekend is my big challenge where I'm attempting to do 1 fun run and 2 triathlons in the same morning.  Far out.  And the following weekend is my next half marathon.  3 days after that is my birthday and the last weigh in for Round 4!  So that is what I'm focussing on.

I only have 2 days left of holidays :(  But I'm going to try and get really organised before I get
Dancing on the beach at midnight - how I want the year to be
back to work and boot camp on Monday, so that I make things as easy as possible for myself over the next 3 weeks of hard work.

Operation Birthday is just the start of my year :)

Hope you had a happy new year xx

Food prep

Makeshift indoors workout today.  SO hot outside.  Worked out while watching The Biggest Loser makeover episode repeat on TV...TEARS!

Top of the Kokoda track on NYE morning :)

I lost a shoe on the beach...that's ok, I had 2 pairs of running shoes in my car!  They totally went with my dress!

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