Monday, 27 January 2014

Operation Blue Work Dress


Ok back to normal now after my last 2 posts!  I had so much to say that as much as it took forever
to do, it was just easier to transfer my IG posts across to give you an overview of, well, lately!

So still a million things to tell you so I'll get moving on these posts!  In no particular order, this one will be all about The Blue Dress!

So if you're a regular reader you have probably seen or heard of Operation Yellow Dress.  Basically I had a dress I wanted to wear, so over a round I kept accountable by taking a weekly photo of me trying to fit into it, until I did.  A while ago I started Operation Green Dress, Operation Leather Jacket and Operation Denim Jacket.  I've been documenting these here as well...I haven't updated it in a while but I have been taking weekly photos...I just haven't uploaded them yet.  I will get onto that soon!

But more exciting than that, is Operation Blue Work Dress.  I kept it as a special project on my Instagram only, and each week I posted updated photos.  It wasn't the best dress to choose for an
'Operation' really, as the style of the dress meant that you couldn't really see differences even though they were happening.  Many weeks I got embarrassed as the photos looked exactly the same as the week before haha!  

But I kept going with it...and, in Week 11, last week, I tried it on as usual, and IT DID UP.  It was amazing - the best feeling ever.  It was one of those zips that once you got it over a certain point, it went all the way up.  And up it went.

That then meant I had to wear it to work!  After all, it was Operation Blue Work Dress.  Eeek!  Even when it did up it was still really tight, so I was pretty nervous!

But I wore it...and took a lot of selfies all day of it :)  It felt amazing to finally wear it to work, even though it was a little tight and you could see many of my 'bumps'.

Just wanted to share this little adventure here :)

It wasn't Operation Blue WORK Dress until I got a photo looking like I was actually at work, as opposed to a multitude of bathroom selfies!

It finally did up!

I made this in Week 9 to help keep me focussed.  "Where I'm going" was reached in Week 11!

By week:

Week 1:

 Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5: 

Week 6: 

Week 7:

Week 8: 

Week 9:

Weel 10:

Week 11:

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  1. You are an inspiration! Thank you.. You have inspired me to sign up to the 12wbt :) I have already lost 90kgs can't wait to be part of it all