Monday, 4 June 2012



And we're off!  As Mish quoted Dr. Seuss this morning: "Congratulations - today is your day - you're off to great places - you're off and away!"  I'm so excited that 12WBT has officially started.  I've been in the 12WBT mind set for a little while now, but today just feels special :)  I made my first 12WBT meal this morning, apple muesli.  It was my first time eating muesli too!

To celebrate the official start of the round, I thought I would put my commitment up here for all to see.  I made this commitment to some very special people (who are listed) just a couple of weeks ago, on the 23rd May 2012.  It took me about 2 hours to write, 1 week to get the courage to, and 15 years to get the knowledge/belief to.  It's special to me so I want to share it on here.

  1. To lose 83kg by my 32nd birthday (I have now changed this to Christmas (instead of January))
  2. To lose 76kg by Christmas (I have now changed this to 83kg)
  3. To lose 35kg by the end of Round 2 12WBT (I have now changed this to 36kg)
  4. To reassess these numbers closer to the time if needed from a health point of view
  5. To give myself the opportunity to be happy within myself again
  6. To admit to myself that I've been watching life from the sidelines
  7. To not be perfect
  8. To stop this 15 year cycle of eating disorders and up and down weight
  9. To stop emotional eating, overeating and binge eating
  10. To stick to the rules (mine and Mish's)
  11. To get back on the ride the next day when I stuff up (I say when, because I am not perfect)
  12. To feel my emotions and not eat them
  13. To stop my addiction to food, and to instead treat food as a fuel
  14. To take pride in my appearance again
  15. To work on bettering those imperfect areas of my life and bad habits
  16. To be the best version of myself that I can be
  17. To do this for life - the weight goals have a timeframed goal that I have committed to, but once I get there, the way that I eat and train will continue
  18. To run 5km in 2012
  19. To do my triathlon in 2012
  20. To run a half marathon or full marathon in 2013
  21. To put myself first
  22. To take care of my body
  23. To not give up
  24. To stand up again EVERY time I fall
  25. To stop sabotaging myself
  26. To keep learning and continually work to better my mindset about food
  27. To stop drama's in my life equalling an increased calorie intake
  28. To work my hardest on these goals and my other goals
  29. To not feel deprived
  30. To do what needs to be done to make this happen
  31. To love the good times and just roll with the punches
  32. To keep on keeping on
  33. To be honest with myself
  34. To be kind to myself
  35. To believe in myself
  36. To be Super Girl
  37. To be ok with being scared about this, and to realise that this journey will be hard from time to time, but that is ok and I will get through it, because it is worth it and I am worth it
  38. I commit this to myself, my supportive family, Mish, my friends and my 30+ crew.  But most importantly, to myself
  39. I commit to and WILL do the work to get me there and to continue.  

The journey has begun :) 
Love Coco xo

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