Monday, 4 June 2012

A SIGNIFICANT FIRST: My 1st boot camp

A SIGNIFICANT FIRST: My 1st boot camp

I've been busy getting prepared for today, and have been feeling really positive about it.  I can't believe the mindset changes that I am already experiencing!  Also, I did something yesterday that I am SO proud of: I did my 1st boot camp!  I got out of bed EARLY on a SUNDAY after a late party the night before - IN THE POURING RAIN - and went!  I was so many times tempted to go back to bed but I JFDI and turned up.  When I arrived I was standing behind Ange, one of the trainers, as she welcomed everyone, and I was blinking back tears.  I think because I felt so far out my comfort zone, and the other girls (and a couple of guys) looked like they were pros, most were skinnier than me) and I was scared and I knew this was a big moment for me.  But I did it! I pretty much kept up with everyone too which was a bonus!  My form was crap and I wasn't able to do the advanced versions of everything, but I did everything and I am immensely proud.  And today, immensely in pain!  Everythingggggg huuuuurts!  But in a great way :)

The training group from yesterday: a rainy PIP.  Photo by Leisa Bye

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