Saturday, 23 June 2012


Hi guys :)

Firstly thank you so much for your feedback about my last post.  The comments I have had have been amazing and have sincerely been appreciated.  I wasn't sure how the article would be received: it was extremely raw for me to write, and it listed some private thoughts that I have never before told anyone.  (Why not put them on the Internet??) ;)

But mainly I was a bit nervous because what if.........I was the only one who felt this way?  I didn't think that was the case - I assumed there were other girls, and guys, who felt similar things.  But I didn't know for sure.  Until your comments.

People's feedback, both on here, on the 12WBT forums and in private messages made me feel a bit comforted that people felt the same as I did.  There's an old cartoon I saw somewhere that had a quote: "Friendship is when you can say: 'Me too!  I thought I was the only one!'".

Ok, so the comments I got aren't from friends :)  but it made me think that this whole weight thing, is like a club.  A secret club.  It's a club that no-one ever asks to be in, but they find themselves in over a period of time.  I'm not talking about all overweight people.  I'm talking about the people, like me, who for one reason or another are overweight or obese, don't want to be, and find the situation sometimes too enormous to get out of.

It's a club where you find other members by the anonymity of the World Wide Web, or by locking eyes with a fellow member as you pass them on the street.  "I understand...." your eyes say as you hurriedly glance away to avoid embarrassing your passerby.

It's a club that really, nobody wants to be a member of.  It's a club that if you are brave, strong, and hard working enough, you can break free from.  And that's the ultimate prize.  Most clubs people want to get to the top - rule as a President or just relish being a part of a group.  In this club, however, the aim is to escape.  Escape it's clutches forever. :)

It's a club that I am a part of, and I understand.  We are all in this alone, but we are ultimately together in thoughts.  The maze to get out is full of obstacles, hurdles and scary fire breathing dragons at times.  But as soon as we are on our way, and we realise that we are in fact, not the only ones, the road seems brighter, and the weighted backpack crushing us down seems that bit lighter.

All the best with your journeys, and let's all try to get out of this club. :)

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