Thursday, 20 March 2014

5 Steps To Help You Lose Weight

Step 1: WANT IT. Decide that you want it more than anything else. You don't have to know how or believe or have everything in place. That stuff can come later. For now: You just have to want it, badly, more than the alternative.

Step 2: START. (Or if you're anything like me, restart). ;) Start today or tomorrow or Monday 
or choose a date that sounds pretty or a date is the square root of the exponent hypotenuse of Pi perpendicular. Whatever works for you. But you have to start to make it happen. So get onto this.

Step 3: GET ORGANISED. Yes, this can happen after you begin. You don't have to have it all perfect before starting. Every day get down and dirty with star stickers & charts, spreadsheets & highlighters, cook ups & marble rewards jars. Do whatever is in your power and what you like to make this easier for you.

Step 4: BE PREPARED. Be prepared to stumble. It'll happen. This thing is hard.  Be prepared for falls, fails and stumbles. The old cliche of 'it won't be easy but it'll be worth it", has never been more true. If you find yourself saturated at 5am because you made yourself get up for your morning walk even though it's pouring with rain, and you're tired, cold, wet and hungry and you wonder if the alternative would just be easier but you still keep pushing on with grit through your tears?'re doing it right. Keep going.

Step 5: WORK. HARD. Every day. Put your head down, your bum up, and work at it like you've never worked before. Remember, you want this more than the alternative: so damn much. So to make it happen, you have to work: so damn hard. Put all your might, grit, effort and sweat into creating who you want to be. It's not meant to be perfect so when you hit a road block, either keep your head held high and go around it, or take a deep breath and smash your way through that thing like nothing else. Never give up.

You've got this.


  1. The perfect post for me today Kate, you rock!!

  2. Awesome-i needed to read that, thank you ♡

  3. kate, today was a very low day for me overall, i binged big time (whole packet of biscuits) didnt exercise (its 730pm and could still do it but i really cant push myself to the gym) and my mood is overall low for many personal reasons. everyday i start eating healthy and halfway through screw it up, today was no exception. but reading ur blog gives me a little hope... xoxoxo

    1. Hey hon, I'm glad it gives you a little hope. Sorry you had a rough day, I know them all too well! My biggest advice is to try again tomorrow. Sometimes we have down days/weeks, even months. But keep trying, starting again, working harder the next day, and you will get back on track. I know you can do this - keep hanging in there xx