Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Keep your head held high v2

Hey there….

I wanted to write a short follow up to my post from the weekend.  I’ve been slightly inundated by support since I wrote what I did.  I keep getting tagged in and sent the most beautiful and thoughtful posts, comments and messages and I felt the need to write a little response.  So this is like a bit of a collective and as always, thoroughly genuine, thank you.  Out of respect to the places where some of this feedback lies, I wanted to address it all here, on my blog, so that I can try and protect and not clog up groups with this kind of stuff, such as the precious 30+ Crew.  My last post was of course very different to my usual and I feel very uncomfortable about it.  I hate conflict and drama like you wouldn’t believe.  I get enough of that when I’m on stage and also in my accidental self-created day to day adventures that often involve things such as kangaroos, chook feed and princess bushwalking. 

Firstly thank you so much to everyone for your support.  It’s been incredible and has helped to pep me up.  I won’t pretend like it’s not; it’s been a tough few days as I feel like it’s happened all over again.  It hasn’t – but talking about it brings it all back up.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  I don’t know – I’m just Kate from Brisbane trying to deal with things as best I can.  I’m not Super Woman, despite some of the costumes I’ve previously worn bushwalking.  It’s been a little hard, all over again.

However one really cool thing is; I’m way stronger than that.  I’ve been through a lot worse and as much as these small incidents knocked me for absolute six, they’re just going to have to be another lot of life’s little hurdles that we don’t expect, deal with as best we can, then move on from stronger than before.

Just to be clear from some things I’ve read, the stuff that rocked me certainly wasn’t about Trevor’s comment that I mentioned.  My gosh, when you’ve been a Size GG, any comment about my chest reducing, however non-eloquently said, can only be taken as a compliment.  Nor was it about the selfies.  My friends dig me about selfies every day.  It would take a lot more than a selfie comment to get to me – I jest with the best about that one, in fact I start the digging myself.  From my own part, I’ve tried to get through this by not being a public train wreck and by keeping the details in private discussions with friends, which is where these comments should have belonged in the first place.  And it remains this way.  For my own pride though, please understand that what was said was a lot more than the small part I’ve alluded to.  I’m sensitive to the extreme but I’m not that bad.  There was a whole lot more which included negative and criticising judgements on a range of topics including on my body and how much I weigh, how much my friends weigh and much more.  Yeah – when you’re on a weight loss mission, that part got me where it hurts.

I’m just here doing my own thing, for my own body. To get suckerpunched mid-way of this took me by surprise. I thought people in this game would understand or at least respect that people are at different stages. I guess not.

This weight loss thing is hard enough without people trying to pull us down.  Far out, life is hard enough without doing the same.  We need to support, understand, cheer each other on and lift each other up where possible otherwise how the hell are we ever going to get through anything.  Yes, I have struggled with my weight.  I am faiiiiiiiirly certain that I’m pretty transparent about that.  However I am doing my best, and that is ALL this thing is about.  People should not be judged for doing their best.

All is ok, all will be ok.  For those who have sent me messages all over the place, thank you from the bottom of my heart for having my back and for giving me the strength to speak up.  For those struggling with your weight, who have wins and then falls, don’t lose hope.  You know I’ve been doing the exact same thing, and one day we will get out the other side.  For those who have been bullied, don't ever think it's ok or acceptable. There is NEVER a case where it is. Speak up if you can but above all else, keep your head held high and keep doing what you’re doing.  The greatest thing you can do right now is to carry on.  That is where your strength lies, not in what is said to you by people trying to cut you down.  And for anyone who is just simply following my journey, thank you for watching this space – keep watching.

Do you remember my infamous first triathlon where after I almost fell apart at every leg, I looked at the finish line, grit my teeth and clenched my fists, blocked out everything around me and made it through?


That’s what I’m gonna do again.

Thanks for your support xx

Next post: My Week 4 update with all sorts of positive stuff! :)

Thank you for this pic Mish x

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