Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Of pillow cases and goals. Many of them.


It's Week 6 and that means we're halfway through this round.  The past week hasn't been entirely successful on my behalf.  The last week I’ve slowed down a bit with my efforts. I haven’t gone off track, stuffed up or binged or anything like that, but I can see myself just loosening the reigns ever so slightly. I had an unplanned piece of pavlova on Saturday night – that I didn’t particularly need or want – I haven’t recorded my calories or weighed every single thing for a few days – for the first time this round I didn’t prep my meals for the week on the
weekend and as a result have been very disorganised each morning and that has led to mindless eating.  

I keep meaning to get my act together each day, especially with food prep, but I keep getting side tracked emotionally.  I've had a really stressful week and have not been dealing with the stress too well.  It's just the whole end-of-the-working-year-I-really-really-need-a-break thing and I'm becoming upset and irritable which is really unlike me :(  I have 12 days off starting Christmas Day and I am hanging out for that like nothing else.  Just one week to go.

I’m all good but I can see this slackening behaviour setting in and it makes me feel unsettled. I’m not stressing out over it or beating myself up but I want to stop this now before it grows into me turning to my old habits. It’s Christmas and I am being quite relaxed and that’s ok. BUT I have goals and I want to get to them. Half assed efforts and slackening off isn’t going to get me to those goals. I have to get my act together and get organised again.  

I can just feel myself slowing down and as much as I am all about learning moderation right now, I’m not wanting to slow my efforts and get slack. When I get too slack I return to old behaviour and I’m looking forward, not back. The only way to get to my goals is hard work, consistency and effort. This journey takes time and can be hard and frustrating and tough and just annoying. But we've just gotta keep going.  It's time to get a little more serious again.

I don't have any special tricks to implement or anything, I'm just planning to get back to being strict with myself and putting a massive emphasis on organisation.  I have still not finished the Organise and Diarise task :(  This is so important to do!  So I have to make more of an effort and get that done (!) and just be more focussed.  It's not rocket science.  Oh - but one thing I am changing is that I'm moving from pencil cases to pillow cases for my food.  The pencil cases need replacing as they're getting stained and broken.  So tonight I bought pillow case protectors and these will be my new pencil cases!

Along with that, I've been working on my 2014 goals for a while now and am really excited about them.  It's a little bit of a case of Miss Crazy Goal Setter strikes again!  I currently have the following to achieve by the end of 2014:
  • 41 life goals (general goals in all areas of my life - some are major, huge goals, some are just little things)
  • 31 challenges (like my weekly crazy 12WBT goals I make)
  • 23 events
  • 21 of these are running events
  • 2 of these are full marathons &
  • 7 are half marathons 
  • 3 of the running events are interstate too!  
All of these are achievable but more importantly I'm really, really excited about each one of them. They each take my breath away. Particularly the running ones of course.  This starts tomorrow by the way. I don't need to wait till the 1st Jan to my thang.  I'll change some of them along the way, I am sure.  But this is my plan for now.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am addicted to goals.  Goals motivate me and encourage me along - they give me purpose and a path on which to follow.
I'll let you know soon how I go with getting my butt back into gear on the weight loss side of things.  But for now I just wanted to step in and share my goal overview and to be accountable with my slackness.  For the first time this round I'm not excited about weigh in tomorrow - and I don't like being like that.  Every other week I've worked my ass off and have been excited to see how I'm tracking.  I'm not scared about tomorrow, but I'm not excited either.  Am gonna change that starting now so that next week I am excited again :)  I have exactly 6 weeks left of Operation Birthday.  I'm not going to waste any more time.  Let's get on this.

P.S. Just 5 weeks till my next half marathon - I can't wait...I'm getting itchy legs.


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