Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The butterfly effect of one lolly

This is basically a blog post about how I've been quite stupid, what this causes and why I will try not to be stupid anymore. :)

Worst VPL ever, sorry ;)
Firstly though, a good thing to emerge from the past few days: I did my Week 10 goal! My second one! My initial Week 10 personal goal was to do a push-up on my toes, and I achieved that a week or two ago. My trainer then suggested that a new goal for Week 10 could be to do 12 push-ups in a row! Game on: I had a new Week 10 goal. At boot camp on Sunday I felt like giving it a try, even though it was still Week 3. And I did it! In fact, I did 16 push-ups in a row! Very proud of myself. That's about all that I'm proud of this week so let me bask in that.... ;)

Now onto the stupid stuff.  I haven't done anything terrible, but I've done a few silly things and learnt a few lessons. I'm not trying to be negative, however I feel the need to call myself on a few things that I could have done better- I'm owning up for myself but also maybe something here might help someone else.

1) Why being sun smart is important

I mentioned this on an earlier post but I thought I'd include it in here. This photo was taken a week after I got burnt. Bad, hey. Stupid, actually. I didn't realise just how bad it was until I took this photo to see how terrible it made me look in my dress on Friday night.

I wrote a bit about the sunburn on my post: Summer, Sledgehammers & Sticking to it. I don't want to harp on about it so in a nutshell, I have been furious at myself. I say this lightly of course, but in a way, this has been the best sunburn that I have gotten, as I finally, after years and years and years of being fair skinned in the Australian sun, have learnt my lesson.

2) Why I need to fix my sleeping

I've been having a bit of insomnia lately, for approx. the past 7 weeks. It's been driving me crazy but I've just been riding with it. I have trouble falling asleep, I toss and turn, and I wake up earlier than I want. It's not every night and some nights are better than others. The other night was the worst night that I've had. I think I may have slept for an hour and then I had to get up at 4am. Once I was up I felt fine, and I did all day.

However. I was driving home from a friends place that night and they asked if I was ok to drive, and if I wanted to stay at their house for the night. I had been on the go non-stop from about 5am - 11pm and I had only really had one hours sleep so I did stop to consider it but I did feel fine to drive. I deem myself a very safe driver and if I had have been too tired, I wouldn't have driven.

It was about a 1 hour drive home. Just before I got off the highway, I think I started to zone out: I was on my way to falling asleep. It scared the hell out of me so as soon as I could, I pulled over to the side of the road. I sat there for about 10 minutes. I assessed myself and felt fine to continue on my way home. I cranked up the music and made sure I was completely focused. I was fine, until just before I got home. I think I fell asleep at the wheel. :( It was for a split second, I think I just nodded then sat up straight away. I was so close to home that literally the next possible spot for me to pull over was my own driveway, so that's where I pulled in.

I don't need to explain how potentially dangerous that was: for me and any people or property around me. A split second is all it could take.  I should not have been driving. I will be making sure that never happens again. And as for the insomnia, I am just going to have to do my best to fix that.

3) Why I need to plan for the unplanned

I have been doing really well with my nutrition this round; I have been very good at planning things out and sticking to it. But what about those days where things don't go as planned, or I can't easily bring my nice little snacks or microwaveable 12WBT meals with me? I usually cope fine, but over the last week I've had too many days of needing to find alternatives, and being in situations where it's been too easy to not make the best choice.

The last few days I haven't pre-planned snacks that I could have brought with me, and as a result I haven't eaten the best.  The other day I was helping one of my brothers move house.  I didn't bring a days worth of snacks or enough water and just planned on running to the shops at lunch.  After hours of cleaning asbestos laden walls and windows etc., I needed food.  I should have eaten earlier because I didn't just want food by now, I needed food. Circumstances meant that I waited for another hour until my brother arrived back from his new house with lunch.

I get hypoglycemic sometimes and feel faint if I don't eat regularly.  I shouldn't have waited for so long because I almost fainted while I was waiting.  (And apart from that I was left sitting next to a packet of Doritos which I did not open but was this close!)  When he got back he had brought me a sandwich which I devoured.  I have no idea how many calories were in it but I think it was probably too many.  I didn't care, I needed to eat.  I felt fine after I'd eaten.  Dinner was hard also.  We had no refridgeration or way of heating things all day.  They all ordered pizza, and I went to IGA and bought a packet salad.  It was SO hard sitting there eating lettuce leaves with the smell of pizza in front of me.  But I survived. :)  So that was a better choice than lunch - but the fact is, I should have pre-planned for the whole day, planned food for myself and made sure I had snacks on hand.  I had done the same thing the day before - I ate breakfast at 4:30am, then due to not planning didn't get to eat again until 4pm, at which point I was feeling faint and had to buy something at Wooly's that I could eat in the car.  Not cool.  Things happen though, no point worrying about it.  But I did reassess what I did and didn't do, and my lesson is learnt ;)

4) Why I shouldn't eat lollies

This is a side joking carry on story from the moving house day....later in the day after my sandwhich incident, everyone helping move house sat down and ate some crackers and chips and lollies.  I was hungry again so unfortunately ate a few crackers and chips.  Not much, and definitely not the amount I usually would, but I didn't need to.  I ate 1 lolly, too.  Everyone stood up again to continue working.  I did too, but as I did, I saw the open lolly packet, thought about it, and bent down to pick another one up.  It was a soft lolly, just one more (okay, two).  It can't hurt....

Well I swear Mish has supersonic powers that knows when 12WBTers are being good and bad, or 'nice' and 'naughty'.  Kinda like Santa.  You may have read on a previous post how I was driving last week, considered bingeing and noticed that the number plate of the car in front of me read 'MSH' (Mish).  I thought she was pretty good then!

But this lolly incident: no sooner had I literally put the lolly in my mouth, I felt a massive crack and thought I had cracked my tooth.  At that exact moment, my brother and his girlfriend anxiously called out to me as a massive shelf they were moving was falling on top of his girlfriend and they needed help to get it pulled off her.  AND at that very moment, my baby niece started crying.  In what felt like the longest second in the world, I did a bit of a 3 way panicked circle dance, not sure which way to turn - from the mirror to check my tooth, to the collapsing shelf or to my very upset niece.  Augh!  I got my head together and of course ran to help save my brothers girlfriend. ;)  But seriously!  This is why I shouldn't eat lollies!  Terrible things could happen! ;)  Mish is good. ;)  (And just so you know, my brothers girlfriend is fine, we got the shelf up, I cuddled my niece and made her smile, and I can't find a cracked tooth so I will get to the dentist as maybe I actually pulled out my filling).

See, 'just one' can hurt!

So there you have it.  Some silly actions this week.  Everything's ok but I learnt a few lessons, that's for sure.

I did do some non-stupid things this week too.  One was that I met up with some awesome local 12WBTers at the beach for a get together.  This group of women are incredible and it was so nice to catch up with some of them, and get to meet others.  One of them I met was the awesome Vicki who writes I love this blog (check it out!) so it was fantastic to actually meet her and the other amazing women.

My 1st Australia Day 2012
I also celebrated Australia Day (2012!)  Yes, it was 11 months late but I made sure it happened.  I love Australia Day but this year it was when everything started to fall apart and I was in hospital.  My mum did bring me in one Anzac biscuit on the day :) but I was really disappointed that I had to cancel my Australia Day plans.  So this week my friends put up with my weird request to theme our annual Christmas dinner with Australia Day!  And I finally got to celebrate it how I wanted. :)  

Happy Australia December!
I've done my fitness test and measurements and will get the results up here soon, once I compare them.  I think I've done ok there.  From a weight point of view, I lost 1.4kg this week, which brings me to 8.9kg lost so far this round, and 25.5kg lost in total!  In other news, my foot's getting better, it's still sore and I still can't run :( but I'm trying to be patient. I'm happy with how I've done this round, but there's many things I am going to improve on.  Most is going well - and imagine if I can just make sure that I also wear sunscreen, sleep better, pack snacks and don't eat lollies, I could conquer the world! :)

I'll leave you with a few photos from an awesome boxing session I did on the weekend, extremely hungover.  The latter part of that sentence is another silly thing I did this week ;)  Let's see if I can make the next week a smart week :) xxx

Selfie in the car for my blog.  Always thinking of you ;)


  1. You have been busy, haven't you? I'm tired just from reading about your week... Have you tried valarian or complete sleep? They both worked well for me. May take a couple of days for your body to adjust, so be patient. :-)

    1. Hey Donna :) I think I tried Valarian years ago but haven't tried Complete Sleep...I will go to the chemist tomorrow and get something, good to hear you did well on them. Thanks heaps for the tip. I think I definitely need something and natural is preferred so these sound great. Thanks :) x

  2. The boxing session was super fun! I was the girl with no partner :)

    1. Hey Court! I was wondering if that was you! I'm trying to match up people on here to FB to real life events :) Was really nice to see you, hopefully I can meet you properly if you can come on Saturday to the Superheroes Scamper, would be great to talk to you some more :) The boxing session was awesome hey :)