Friday, 14 December 2012

Every kg lost is a celebration

Yesterday I reached my 25kg lost mark. I realised it in the morning but didn't think it was worth celebrating as it wasn't a '10kg' marker like losing 20kg or 30kg. Then I realised no, it IS very much so worth recognising. 25kg is significant and for me, the last 5kg has been the hardest yet - I have gone around in circles ever since I hit the 20kg lost mark and have finally made it up to 25kg.

So I did recognise it :) Later that day a friend who's lost a lot of weight told me how when she was losing hers, that she had a table that showed when she hit particular milestones, like % dropped and lowering her BMI etc.  She said it worked out that basically each kg there was some milestone to reach / celebrate and it encouraged her along. So guess what I did tonight? She is right. It's amazing how many milestones there are! There was pretty much at least one milestone for each kg. I have added a new page to show my table and I will update it each week. Notice that I filled in the rest of the weeks as every kg IS worth celebrating. :)

Next stop, 25% of my weight lost!

My 'every kg lost is worth celebrating' page: Every kg

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