Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Summer, Sledgehammers & Sticking to it

Hey guys,

We're in Week 3 already!  I can't believe how quickly this round is flying by.  Just a mish mash of an update today.

My Week 2 milestone: DONE.

I went back to kickboxing, my goal for Week 2 :)  It was a bit of a struggle to get myself there, to be honest.  I haven't had a great few days and it took all my strength to get myself out of bed.  I wasn't looking forward to going back to the last place I went to, so I tried a friends PT/group training business instead and felt a lot more comfortable there.  I'll have to see how it all fits in for me.  It's all about finding a place that suits you.  But I will do this regularly as promised to myself!

My awesome PIP boot camp yesterday
I had to take it easy with my ankle of course.  Speaking of which, guess what I did yesterday?  I took my boot off!  I went to boot camp without it and it went well!  I had the best boot camp session :)  It was a great one, we got to use sledgehammers to hit tyres!  LOVED this!  It was just what I needed.  (Not that I knew that of course!  I don't often think of sledgehammers!)  But I saw, I hit HARD, I grinned!  LOVED it!  I felt so relieved being 'normal' again with no boot.  It has been weighing me down so much (literally!)  I know that I was able to work harder because I didn't have it, I got my heart rate up and I couldn't stop grinning afterwards.  I was so excited that I couldn't relax in our post workout meditation; I just kept thinking of the great session I'd had and my mind wandered too much! :)

Impromptu post-PIP photo shoot
Today though I finally went to my GP - I wanted to get his advice before I start back running, and also my ankle is still sore to touch.  It's been 4 weeks since the princess bushwalk - surely it should be healed by now??  He had a look and said there's still bleeding in the joints :(  Still!  He said to still wear the boot on and off - not full time.  He also said no running.  He said I have to be patient.  Man I hate that word when it comes to fitness!  He thinks probably another 2 weeks.  I have to suck it up princess.  As much as not running is shattering me, I am feeling a bit better about it than I have been, I think because I have found a few other ways to burn calories, and also it is getting better, albeit EXTREMELY SLOWLY! 

I've realised that it's now Summer in a big way.  I got badly sunburnt yesterday.  I got slightly sunburnt on one patch of my arm that I missed during the 'princess relay' #okr on Friday.  I applied sunscreen twice but missed a spot.  But yesterday I was an absolute idiot, and went to boot camp and then the beach all day, without a hat and without sunscreen.  I have been berating myself ever since.  I am in a lot of pain, especially on my arm where I have double sunburn.  Finally, I have learnt my sun smart lesson.  I don't know why I do this.  I am fair skinned and have had 2 moles cut out before (benign).  Yet I continue to be ignorant about the sun.  No more!  I have seriously learnt my lesson.  I am furious at myself.  You can see a bit of the sunburn in my Week 2 Yellow Dress photos - updated here: Operation Yellow Dress  I've been lathering myself in aloe vera but my skin is still really hot.

4x Kate's at PIP!
Also, I am now dehydrated.  Another lesson learnt.  I didn't fill up my water bottles for today, and as a result didn't drink water.  Because I was so thirsty, I drank my water that I meant to have at kickboxing on the way there, so by the time I got there I had none left.  I then spent an hour outdoors at lunch time doing the kickboxing.  Ever since then I've been feeling dehydrated.  I've been drinking continuous water since, but I still feel it.  I have learnt this lesson as well!  I've been reading up on the water factor and never realised how important it is, for our bodies and for weight loss.

As of tomorrow I am not getting slack with water like I was today, and I will stick to what I am supposed to drink.  Everything else is going ok - my nutrition today was a little haywire due to poor planning but it wasn't bad.  It just showed me the importance of sticking to my plan and my mini goals to get me there.  I'm going to go through everything tomorrow to make sure that I'm on the track that I set for myself.  Two weeks in, I am happy with how I am going but there is definite room for improvement.  Time to be a bit more strict with myself.  I keep repeating my new mantra and it's really working for me: "You must want to fly so much."

Hope you're enjoying Week 3 so far, 
Lotsa love, 
Coco xoxo

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