Sunday, 16 December 2012

Super Girl does bushwalk

Hello :)

Just a short post tonight to show you some photos from our QLD Crew Week 4 Challenge we did today.  It was to climb Mt Coot-tha dressed as superheroes!  Ok, the challenge part was the walk, the costumes were just for fun. ;)  We did a different track than usual, as the 'downwards' section of the Kokoda track is still closed off.  So we trialled a new track - actually two: the Simpson Falls Track and the Eugenia Circuit.  It was an approximate 4km loop - it was still climbing Mt Coot-tha, just not as steep as Kokoda!

The track was a lot more overgrown and rocky and narrow than the others.  My foot's been playing up so I took it very slow and very steady, and I was lucky enough to have Batman, Wonder Woman, Christmas Superhero and other really kind people superheroes helping me get stable footing.  I did have a few #princessbushwalk flashbacks. :)
One time I wished for a RBT ;)

I even crossed a raging river, aka Bear Grills style!  Ok, it wasn't raging and it wasn't even a river, but I felt really Bear Grills at the time.  We had a great crew - all very supportive and lovely and I am so proud of the newbies who came along and pushed their comfort zones to the limit.  This is why you are superheroes.  A special shout-out to the lovely Courtney, a fellow blogger: who I officially met as she was literally pulling me up over a large rock.  What a gorgeous girl and what a cool way to meet someone :)

Anyway it was just a fun day and I got some great photos that have been making me smile so I wanted to share them! :)  Hope you're having a great weekend xx

Fun photoshoot on the top of the mountain!

Wonder Woman holding the snake stomper aka ankle stick!

Proud Bear Grills moment, scaling rocks ;)

The waterfall
Batman helping Super Girl awww

We did it!

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