Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pushing through temptation, no excuses, injuries and the rest

Hey :)

It's almost the end of Week 1; I'm just checking in.  It's been a pretty good week, 'weight loss journey wise'.

Food / nutrition is going well: my kitchen stresses have diminished of course, now that I'm not trapped in there and have all of my meals ready to go!  Thursday was particularly hard
Thursday lunch
though, I just wanted to eat bad food.  I had a bad day and thought that bacon chips, a crunchy pie or a block of Top Deck chocolate would make me feel better.  I pushed through it though and didn't give in, and Friday was a lot easier.  My calorie free plan is continuing to help me so much with days like this - and I got to enjoy some treats this week thanks to it!

Exercise wise I've also been on track, yahoo!  I've adopted a 'no excuses' thing this week and plan to keep it going.  This week I trained on a few occasions when it would have been easier and half valid to make an excuse, so I'm proud.  One afternoon I was going for a walk but suddenly had to call roadside assistance to attend to my car (that was parked at my home).  As much as I was the one who called them and they were coming to help me (!) I was annoyed that it was going to interrupt my planned walk, as I had to wait near my car.  

So instead, I changed my walk path to a very small circle in the immediate vicinity of my house.  The neighbours probably thought I was a nutter 'stalking' my own home, while
11kg lunge weight
constantly peering down the street for the roadside assistance truck, but I didn't care.  I had to burn 280 calories, I managed to get 250 done while I was waiting, then went out for a quick walk for the last 30 after they left.  I didn't sit and wait, I multitasked...

Another night I got asked to look after my 2 year old niece, when I was planning on going to boot camp.  In the aim of not using excuses, I brought her along, to what she has now renamed from 'boot camp' to 'running in the park with puppy dogs.' 

I was *hoping* that she was going to be content to sit patiently and watch me, yet ready to admit that I was a naive aunt for thinking a 2 year old would do that for an hour.  But she proved me very proud and despite the fact I left my specially packed distraction bag of toys and tricks at work, I managed to do the whole session!  

During warm up I held her while I did squats, the next 20min. was helped by the amazing lunchbox full of snacks that her mum packed her, and I just peeled her fruit in between sets. This was followed by a small window of time where me and my boot camp partner Sarah called out things for her to find in the "Where's Wally" type book that I fortunately had in my car.  When she got bored of finding planes and trains that probably weren't even in the book (whoops), she wanted to come over to us.  

I lunged with her on my shoulders, she 'helped' me to farmers carry some weights, she raced Sarah while doing shuttle runs and 'burpees', and then stood patiently by my side as I boxed.  Such a good kid!  Finding a juice popper and tickling her each time I sat up helped
Late night hill walk
me get sit ups done, and then we finished off with planking, whereby she squealed a bit and sat on my neck.  I was laughing so much I couldn't get her off, but it was just the last few minutes and we got through it. :)  And I burnt 400 calories in the process!

Another night I went for a hill walk at 10:30pm, because I hadn't had time earlier.  And a couple of sessions this week I've modified at the last minute to work around my injuries, when they've started to play up.  Unfortunately my knee has been bad and aching for the last 24 hours, so I've been icing it and had a forced exercise rest day today.  It makes me slightly anxious that I'll turn the rest day into rest days or rest weeks, but I'm trying hard to allow myself to recognise the difference between legitimately resting an injury, and just being lazy.  

I've been keeping up with seeing my Osteopath and our plan, and we'll see, but we're hopeful that I'll be able to run again by the Gold Coast Marathon (GCAM) at the start of July. 
Wednesday's walk location
Thanks to Suncorp's Run Free program, I scored myself a free entry into any GCAM event (so cool) so I signed up for the 5.7km.  Time and rehab success will tell, but that's the current aim.

To think that last year I was disappointed to be doing the GCAM half marathon (instead of the full), and now I'm crossing fingers that I'll be able to run the 5.7km....

Speaking of events, tomorrow I have the Mothers Day Classic.  But in a very different way to any event I've done before!  If you haven't heard about this option that I'm doing, it is VERY cool.  They have events around the country: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc., and in many regional locations.  But they've also introduced a "I can't be there but..." event.  Essentially it means that if you can't attend an event for whatever reason, you can still participate.  You pay a (cheaper) registration fee and do what you can (a few steps is fine!), where you can and when you can.  And they send you a medal in the mail!  I'm so impressed by this option!  

For someone like me who was disappointed I wasn't going to go along due to injury and my
mindset, this option is a dream.  I registered a few days ago and tomorrow I will 'participate'!  I was planning on walking 8km, which is the distance of the Brisbane event, but what I actually do will be dependent on how my knee holds up from todays rest.  It may be a very short course that I set myself, or I may do something stationary and upper body.  Whatever it is, it will be what I can personally do at this stage, while being aware of the MDC cause, breast cancer: which is the aim of the event.
Boot campers on Friday

So, a tick for food and exercise!  Other than that, I need to make sleep a priority - that's still not going too well.  Water wise I am going pretty well, but there has been a couple of days I haven't hit my mark.

I also haven't been tracking on the 12WBT tracker, which I was planning on doing.  I've tracked on MyFitnessPal - I am anal about calories in and out so I am definitely recording, as
always.  But I am trying to do this round properly, so I would like to use the tracker as well.  It'll just be a matter of transferring my records over from MFP, so it will be easy to get up to date.  I watched Sunday's mindset video but haven't watched Wednesday's yet.  I'm a few days behind in adding my stickers.  And I still have 1 pre-season task left: of course, "Organise and Diarise."  Augh!  I plan to do all of these things this weekend. :)

Other than all of that, I am going ok!  I lost 4.3kg on Week 1 Weigh in Wednesday so I was very happy with that.  As much as it's exciting and motivating, I know that it's just the first weeks weigh in, which is often high - ongoing weeks won't be like this!  Also it really just goes to show how bad I was treating my body up to just last week - that's how much my body was shocked when I (re)started treating it right!  

In saying that, I also know that a small part of the loss was my hard work last week, and for that I'm proud.  It's taken me a long time to get back on track.  We all know how many dips and up and downs my journey has seen so far, so who knows if this current attempt #8992 will continue.  Just in February I did a post about how I was back on the right path, then SPLAT, I was down again.  Maybe this time will be just like that, but I'm hoping not.  All I know is that I can only try.  If I fail (yet) again, I will get up and try another time.  But between you and me, I'm secretly hoping that this is the (re)start I need, to get back on the main path I'm traveling.  

Thanks for supporting my journey - I still mean what I say: that when I get to goal weight, everyone who is around me and who never gave up on me, will deserve a medal.  I know I'll get there, despite my many bumps along the way.  And I'm very grateful that I have people around me, and followers, who know this too and have been hanging around for the long haul version :)  You will be rewarded ;)  Thank you for your support xxoo


  1. What a fantastic weight loss
    You are inspiring me ... Taking your niece to boot camp and doing the whole session is a major win

    Keep icing that knee and doing some upper body work
    Next update I would love to hear that you have done the diarising and organising task ... You can do it ... You know you'll benefit from it
    Keep up the great work

  2. Well Done Kate!! I'm pretty sure that MFP now links up with the online tracker - yep just checked mine and if you have entered in the MFP it will give you the option to add the MFP entry for your food :) Keep on Truckin :)