Sunday, 18 May 2014

Shuffleboard and Week 2 assessment

Hey hey hey!

Just a quick wrap up of Week 2.

There's not much to say really because I just got back from my cruise!  So it wasn't exactly a hectic week!  I'm lying on my bed
I got into this book while I was away!
at home, typing this, and the room is spinning / rocking as if I'm still on the boat.

Exercise wise, I am soooo proud of myself as I achieved Operation Cruise Ship / Operation Minimise Damage.  I hit the gym every day I was on the ship and burnt 500 calories each time as planned!  I have never done that before, gone away and kept up with best intention exercise/training goals.  But this time I did, so I feel like it's achievable now.  Every morning I got up, changed into my training gear, went and had breakfast with my Dad, then went to the gym while Dad did other stuff.  I then showered and joined him for the day.  I felt bad leaving him for that time when we were trying to spend time together, but he's supportive, and really, it was only 1-1.5 hours each day.  Apart from a couple of other trips we've been on, I haven't spent this much 1:1 time with him since I moved out of home 15 years ago!

I stuck to the gym because the 'jogging track' they spoke about wasn't a dedicated track, it was the same deck that people walked on, played shuffleboard on and was also the smoking deck.  I've run on a ship before and it's a bit hard to weave in and out of people in the narrow space.  It's one place you definitely don't want to trip over!  But I found solace in
My Dad and I about to sail away
the gym and apart from doing the Lean and Strong program, I ran on the treadmill, used the cross trainer, and even shot a few basketball hoops on the sports court with Dad!  That was very cool!  I also used the 8 flights of stairs for dedicated exercise but also incidentally each day - I think I only used a lift 3 times - the rest of the time I used the stairs...and we were up and down them a lot.

Food wise...umm yeah, let's not go there ;)  No, it's ok.  I actually gave myself star stickers for food for each cruise day because I had planned to allow myself to relax the reins, and relax the reins I did!  I will not tell you what I ate, and how much...far out. I was expecting it, but it doesn't make it any better!  I am not looking
Just in case you missed my elevator selfies...
forward to Wednesday's weigh-in.  But it's just a part of this journey and I'm only looking forward!  

I had a lot of thinking time for my goals.  I didn't have much planning time, I had no laptop with spreadsheets on hand...but I will work everything out.  The thinking time was good and I'll keep you updated on that front.

But overall I had a good time and spent time with my Dad, which is what this was all about.  Some things come before losing weight.

My star count for the week is:

Nutrition: 4/7
Training: 6/7
Sleep: 4/7
Water: 0/7

Not cool re: the water!

Thinking / deckchair time
Anyway sorry for the boring post, I just wanted to share my exercising-on-the-cruise-proof-photos. It was a pretty spectacular view from that gym!  I was lucky and was unexpectedly given 150 free minutes of internet time onboard, so each day I did up my little photo proof thing, logged onto the limited gifted wi-fi and posted the photo on my Instagram and my boot camp private Facebook page.  If you're going away I highly recommend you doing something like this, to keep you accountable.  Knowing that I had pronounced to the world (well, Instagram and my boot camp) that I would be doing this, pushed me to get my butt to the gym and JFDI rather than sit on a deckchair eating more pavlova with extra ice cream, which would have been a lot easier to do!

Have an awesome Week 3 :) xoxo

Day 1:

Day 1 proof

Day 2:

Day 2 proof

Day 3:

Day 3 proof

Playing basketball with my Dad!

State room (cabin) selfie!

The only food photo I will share with you, LOL!

Playing shuffleboard with Dad.  I'm sure I burnt some extra cals ;)


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  1. Lovely photo of you and your Dad, looks like you had a happy time on your holiday. Not to many young women would take a week out of their annual holiday to spend time with their Dad, good on you. Sandra