Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Operation Cruise Ship

Hello! :)

I'm going on that cruise that cruise with my Dad this week! Which is, of course, fantastic. However........

If you haven't been on one before, the best way to describe it is food on tap. 24/7 smorgasbords, buffets, multi course for each of the many meals of the day, wondrous food as far as the eye can get the picture. It can be a weight loss journey persons
worst nightmare...being on a ship, not able to get off, surrounded by this amazing food, PLUS no phone reception to call on reinforcement encouragement if you falter. HELP!

I know what the food's like and I know what I'm like and I'm going to be honest, I'm not even going to pretend to myself that I'm going to expect much of myself. I've done that before and then I feel guilty so I not only don't enjoy myself, I go even further off the rails. I'm learning to accept and manage my ways and do my best, rather than fight my ways like I have for so long. It's been a big turning point and I've found this seems to work better for me. More accepting and working with myself and less fighting...

Instead, what I'm planning on doing is Operation Minimise Damage. If I can at least have my exercise sorted, that will be something. The ship has a running track, a gym and a sports I'm going to scope it all out and plan on using them. I'm not too good with exercising while away from home. I always have grandiose plans and 'ooh aah' over the pictures of gyms in hotels and the pretty surrounding streets to run, and when I get there the closest I get is stumbling past said gym carrying my heels after too many wines, with my running shoes just taking up space in my suitcase. 

However this time I've promised my trainers and my boot camp mates that I will burn a minimum of 500 calories each full day I'm onboard the ship. I'm accountable to them, and to you now, so I'll be making myself do it! I'll make sure I take photographic evidence....and the pics should be pretty cool, with the Pacific Ocean as my back drop! My internet time on the ship will be miniscule, if anything, so I may need to post the evidence when I get off, but I will be doing it! Wish me luck! :)


  1. Hi Kate, I have been reading your blog for a while and have been suitably impressed with your weight loss. From what I've read you have been on at least 2 other cruises in a relatively short period of time. It seems such a mine field for you and from what I read you certainly don't look forward to it like most people do when a holiday is on the horizon. Why on earth do you keep going on cruises???? There are so many other types of holidays that would be a better option, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for reading :) I agree with are not the best choice of holidays for weight loss! This is not something I have been choosing and planning to do myself. Cruises are a bit of a family thing - my family go on them regularly. I wrote a blog post recently which explains how I came about to go on this one- it's a longer story which is written down on this blog if you want to read it but it's basically to fill in for my Mum who couldn't go as planned with my Dad because my Grandmother unexpectedly died. He asked me to go in my Mum's place when we realised she couldn't go so they wouldn't waste the fare that they'd already paid for and so that I can spend time with my Dad. The last cruise was for the same reason- filling in for my Mum who unexpectedly couldn't go - except that reason obviously wasn't because of my Grandmother... Trust me, I would not usually be choosing to cruise while trying to lose weight. I find it difficult but try to do the best I can. I guess in these circumstances I choose to help my family and spend time with my Dad over being strict, because the opportunities have presented themselves to me rather than me choosing to do this myself. Take care, Kate

  2. You don't need luck Kate, you're a determined girl, keep your eye on the prize, think about how many gold stars you'll get when you get home & ask your dad to give you a kick up the ass if you start to waver.
    You got this girl! xx

  3. Hi Kate, thanks for taking the time to respond. I hope you and your Dad have an amazing time on your holiday. From what I have read your whole mindset has changed since your earlier cruises and I'm sure all the choices you make will be good ones. Have fun. Sandra