Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Week 3 check in

Transformation Tuesday!
Hi!  Just checking in coz it’s been over a week, whoops.

Not too much to report ---- well actually I just lied, I have heaps.  So I’ll split this over a few posts.  This one is about the general ‘where I’m up to’ stuff illustrated by some of this weeks Instagram photos :)  This is a bullet point type post so here we go...

    Hard training session on Monday!
  • Today is Week 3 weigh in – it’s Week 3 already -  far out.  I wasn’t too happy with my result this week.  I still lost weight!  And I am happy with that of course.  But the number on the scales reflected the work that I have done.  So I can’t be mad about that.  But that’s the point.  The number reflects the work that I’ve done….(so exact actually that it’s scary in a reassuring way).  I did well but I could have done better.  I wanted better results.  To get those better results I needed to have put more of an effort in.  It was a good reminder to myself.  I can’t be upset about the results that I didn’t get from the work I didn’t do.....  I have been working so hard – really, really hard this round.  But I know I could be doing better.
    This mornings run test
  • Aside from the numbers on the scales, I am so happy with my non scale victories.  My weekly 12min. run test result today put a huge smile on my face.  My Start test I ran 1.66km in 12min.  Week 1 I ran 1.6km (yes, less).  Week 2 I ran 1.61km.  After that I made a goal with a lovely lady I was chatting to on Instagram, that we would try and improve our results in Week 3 by 20m.  We both thought of each other today and pushed ourselves and we improved!  I improved by 100m!  So I ran for 1.71km.  I was really proud. :)
  • I’ve restarted Operation Denim Jacket, Operation Leather Jacket and Operation Green Dress after faltering in Round 2 and 3.  I’ve been putting my photos up on their pages (here).  Last night I went to do my Week 3 photos, not thinking too much, just going through the motions, and I ended up over the moon with the results.  In Week 1 of this round I could only just do up 1 button on the denim jacket.  Last night I managed to get all of the buttons done up!!!!  That is in just 2 weeks!  It’s tight and gaping and squashes me etc. so it doesn’t fit properly yet.  But I was so overwhelmed that I could change so much in 2 weeks.  The hard work is paying off.  The green dress fit so much better too – I felt I could pull it down over my chest.  It’s a baby doll dress so it looks really awkward when I don’t, but I hadn’t until I felt like I wasn’t pulling it too much, that time was last night.  The leather jacket went well too but the others were better.  I put this pic up on IG and a few places as I was so excited – and the individual pics are at the links above.  I can't get over that my body has changed so much in 2 weeks.  But I can really feel it and see it changing.  I can actually see myself shrinking in the mirror and I don't often see that so it's really motivating.
    TWO WEEKS.  That is all.
  • I did my 5th triathlon on Sunday!  I’ll do a separate post about that. :)
  • My sticker chart is going pretty well.  I’ve pretty much gotten a nutrition and training sticker every day since I started.  Just a few days where I have been a little liberal in my decisions.  Sleep is shocking but I’m slowly improving it – I’ve been getting 1 sticker a week but my goal for this week is to get 3 stickers.  I’m up to 2 so far for this week and it’s Day 3 so I’m going ok.  My water has surprisingly not been great.  I have no issue with drinking water…but lately I’ve found I’ve been too lazy to drink it at night.  So I’m going to try and drink more during the day as I find it easy to do at work.
My beautiful, pretty jar
  • I also implemented a rewards jar system to correlate with my jar.  I stole the idea off the amazing Emily - I just adored this idea!  Basically you get $1 per sticker you earn, and then at the end of the round you can go and spend it on clothes or whatever you like.  I’ve worked out a little system of how much I get and I can earn up to a few hundred dollars for the round – it depends how hard I work!  I have a very expensive Rewards system that is awesome but I can’t afford to grant myself my rewards when I earn them!  I need to look at this.  But this rewards jar is cool coz I shouldn’t miss a few dollars each day.  I can see myself borrowing from it before pay days (!) but I’m going to try and keep on top of it.  I’ve earnt myself around $80 so far!  Check out my beautiful jar – I LOVE IT!  I completely copied Em, I even copied her colour scheme and decorating ideas coz I loved hers so much!

    I actually got to meet the beautiful Em properly last week - we had lunch!

  • I’ve rejigged my inspiration wall also!  I’ve moved it from my home ‘gym’ that I NEVER use and into my bedroom.  It makes my walls really cluttered and away from just a sleeping space that I try to create but I’m happy with my decision.  I can now see my inspiration stuff from my bed and all the time and it peps me up and motivates me.  And that’s what's important to me, at this stage of my life.
  • Last week I also did an EPIC cook-up.  I took photos and put some stats on Instagram so I thought I’d share it here instead of explaining again how it went. Here are my stats:
--Time started: 6pm.
--Finished 1:45am. 

--Total meals cooked: 92.
--Estimated cost per meal: $0.73.
--Approximate money I've saved by not buying the 92 meals takeaway: $669.
What I made
--Different recipes I cooked: 8.
--New recipes I tried: 3.
--Glasses of wine consumed to assist said cook-up: 2.
--Times I shamelessly licked the bowl: 1.
--Ingredients I ran out of: 1 zucchini.
--Times I made do with another ingredient instead: 1 shallot.
--Estimated time of the next time I'll be due to do a cook-up: 3 months.
--Hours estimated I have saved myself prepping/cooking over the next 3 months minus tonight's effort: 109.
--Percentage I was over it by the end of the night: 100%.
--Amount I will be thankful for spending my whole Friday night in the kitchen multiple times a week over the next 3 months so I have time for other stuff: Priceless. :)
  • I’ve also been trying to focus even more on my goals and put myself first.  I’ve been making an effort to give myself more time.  It’s challenging to do this at this time of the year (!) but I’m trying my best.  I’ve started declining some parties and social events as I’ve been getting too stressed out.  I have no time – so, I am trying to make time.  Just for a few weeks I need to get my priorities straight, and where possible, remove myself from events where I am going to spend unnecessary money, be tempted with unnecessary calories, or just things that take up too much of my time.  The whole life balance thing is a continual juggling act for us all.  But I am really trying to manage mine at the moment.  I’m so set on achieving my goals at the moment that I’ve decided I need to be strict. 
    I bought myself a selfie mirror too!  You think you've seen enough selfies?  I have only just started ;)
  • I’m a little behind in my weekly goals but I should catch up this weekend.

I think that’s all…I am so happy with my work for Round 4 so far.  All I need to do now is to keep it up, don’t give up, and step it up.  I have been on the straight and narrow like I’ve never been before – but I know within myself that I could do even better.

Will see how I go by Week 4…. :)  But I will be back soon with other posts I have in my head!

Love Kate xo

More random Instagram photos from my week:
I got my Hero prizes delivered this week!  So thankful - thank you all so much again

This is my favourite part of the prize :)  I haven't been able to afford to get my old Polar fixed so haven't been using a HRM for about 6 months!  I have no idea how I survived.  Here I am on the first day ready to measure myself again!

I've been eating heaps of red meat, I'm deficient in iron and have been craving steak!

Food prep for the week!

Part of my cook up

I fit into Size 12 pyjama pants!!!  I'm NOT Size 12 yet!  But these are Size 12 and they fit like a glove! :) :)

Lunch today - colourful!

I love my new Mix & Go!  They're awesome!

I made 12WBT pavlova this week - so cool :)

Umm yeah this is how many eggs I needed for my epic cook up!


  1. Some great photos there Kate. You are looking so good! .... so you were the one the other week who took all those eggs from the egg isle at the supermarket! It's my job each night to stack the eggs on the shelf. I hope they were good!

  2. Thank you SO much for sharing your big cookup! Heading into wk four and I've lost nothing. It's like I've gone, yep i am working out hard, I can eat some x,y,z.
    Not clever! Thank you for always being honest and open. You rock xx