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Quick update and the scary kangaroo

So tiaras and princess moments to one side, it’s back to discussing business for me. I have weight to lose and that’s what I’m focussing on! I mentioned a few weeks ago about my new
At the top of a hill I climbed this morning
rules that I wrote for myself. They are working so well! I think I've discovered what really works for me. Because of these rules, I’ve had 99% perfect nutrition days for over 2 weeks now! And when I say perfect nutrition, all I mean is as per my plan. Part of that plan was having a break over finale weekend. I did that, and got straight back onto it. 

My rule was that I was calorie counting free from the time I was at Brisbane airport to arriving back to Brisbane airport. Usually when I go away that extends wayyyy beyond the actual trip away…because dinner that night is effectively still the same day of travel, and the next day I often have off work so effectively it’s still part of the ‘trip’! And effectively the following day………and the week after that....

Finding my balance
Well to be bluntly honest, effectively I have a binge issue and that hasn’t been working for me. Effectively I need to stop what I was doing and find something that does work. So – my new time rule worked. I ate and drank carefree over the time I was away, and as soon as I left that airport on my arrival home, I was back in the game. I’ve never been like that before! The amazing thing was as well, when I arrived in Sydney I was really hungry. I was in a newsagency and was ‘allowed’ to buy whatever I wanted. There was chips and chocolate and a lot of junk. What I was craving – what I was excited to find – and what I bought – was a 100 calorie protein bar like I eat regularly! I couldn’t believe it. The first ‘meal’ ‘off the hook’ and I didn’t choose all the crap! The rest of the weekend wasn’t all like that :) I ate what I wanted and it was great. But I also didn’t binge. I could have gone crazy but I didn’t. 

I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders – I don’t feel deprived like I usually do. I know now that I have a day coming up where I can have anything I want. I’ve been really relaxed and it’s simply been working – andddddd the weight has been dropping off. :) :)  Having rules is regimented and it's a little odd and having basically one full day a month where I have permission to eat ANYTHING under the a little full on.  It's like treat meal but my own version.  But I reason that I will get to goal a lot sooner by doing this rather than my usual trick of feeling deprived then having one slip up that turns into a three week binge.  After 16 years of this cycle I may have just found a fix that's going to work for me.

I also did up my plan of how I’m going to tackle my full marathon in July. I think it’s going to work. I’ve been prepping my meals and planning and watching all of the Mish videos which I’ve been slack with lately. Nothing I’m doing is crazy or out of the ordinary, I’m just doing what
I have to do. It’s a good reminder that this thing works. If you follow it. 

My sticker chart tells the story for me - this week my nutrition and training each got 6 out of 7 stars.  The 7th one I missed weren't big deals, just slightly off plan.  My water's been getting heaps better.  SLEEP is still amiss.  I was at the theatre the other night and had to leave before the show finished because I was so tired and fell asleep.  I usually battle through but I was such a mess - I shouldn't have even been driving.  My sleep has been shocking so it's time to knock that on it's head and make more of an effort this week.

Before I go I said I’d tell you about the kangaroo story. My friend Alana and I had planned to do a crazy bushwalk a couple of weeks ago. It was 5 laps of the Brisbane Kokoda track – we’ve done 4 laps before but we were going to do 5. That’s about 25km and 1 out of
Head lamps are hot
every 5km was the crazy steep hill, so it was going to take approx. 8 hours. We didn’t want to be out there in the heat of the day – and simply didn’t want to be out there full stop all day! 8 hours is a LONG time to exercise and I get frustrated when I exercise for that amount of time. So we decided to meet at 3:30am and start walking then – that way we’d be done by mid morning. Perfect. Knowing it would be dark, Alana bought us a head lamp each.
Awful wake up time
The night before, as I was setting my alarm, (for 2:45am!) I realised that the last time I had to get up at some crazy time, don a head lamp and meet someone in the bush, was the infamous princess bushwalk.  If you are new to my blog:

Princess story
Princess video

I smiled to myself thinking that must have been about a year ago now. I stopped for a second, looked it up and found out it was EXACTLY a year ago – to the day. I couldn’t believe it. I suddenly panicked. Was I completely stupid? I was going to set myself up in the exact same silly circumstance, exactly a year later? I’m not supersticious but I do know when I’m attempting risk. And this was one of those times.  What was I doing :( But - I didn’t
The most patient girl in the world
want to change plans at the last minute and I simply didn’t want to be out there all day, so I kept my date with Alana and went to bed, quietly worrying. I told myself that just because last year went balls up, didn’t mean that this time would. We could take it really slowly. I was determined to be able to do this without ending up in hospital by the end of the day. 

I got up and sat in my car at 3:30am at the top of Mt Coot-tha, waiting for Alana. It was really scary and eerie being there at that time of night. (Or morning?) I locked myself in my car and when Alana arrived we set ourselves up, took some obligatory selfies and started
The biggest princess in the bush
walking towards the bush. And that’s when I remembered. Now long time readers of this blog will know me by now that I plan crazy adventures all the time and only really think it through the day it happens. This was one of those times. We were prepared – it wasn’t the preparation that was amiss. We had probably 10L of icy water in our cars, and food, and the head lamps, and other stuff. Oh, the preparation was fine. 

What I failed to realise, was, that we were doing this in the dark! 

I’m scared of all animals! 

What kind of animal fearer walks into a bush on the side of the mountain at 3:30am?? (And can I just say, what kind of blonde doesn't realise this until she gets there!)  As we walked into the bush, I realised it was absolutely pitch quiet and we could hear everything. I grabbed Alana and told her I was scared and that I didn’t realise it would be dark and quiet. We’d probably walked, ummm, 3 metres by this point?  Still 25km to
Don't let the stick fool you....
go ;) Alana is the sweetest, most patient person in the entire world – I had always guessed this, but now I know this is a fact, with how she dealt with my stupidity. She didn’t flinch. I started rattling off about how I knew it would be dark, but I just hadn't thought it through in that it would be eerily quiet and that animals - big ones! - would probably be out to play.

We kept walking a few metres; my heart rate had sky rocketed to about 180 in a matter of moments. She offered for us to turn back; I said it'd be ok - and at that moment we heard something. It was the

sound of something big. By now we'd probably walked about 20, maybe 25 metres.

Me: "What was that??" 
Alana: "Nothing."
Me: "No, it's something big!  It's an animal!"
Alana: "It's probably just a kangaroo."
Me: "What?!  That's worse!"

Now I don't know why kangaroos were suddenly worse than ... umm..other animals?  All I
know is that I started running.  I DID NOT THINK THERE'D BE KANGAROOS!  What the hell was I doing there?  I ran for a few metres back towards the cars and grabbed Alana again.

I was pretty scared.  I may have mentioned something about wolves.  Alana was just beautiful and generous and the best.  She offered again for us to go and wait in the cars until it was a bit more light.  I was so torn - I didn't want to waste our 2:45am wake up for nothing - I didn't want to let her down - I could get over my wasted early get up, but it wasn't fair on my understanding and extremely non judgemental friend :)  But on the other hand, my heart rate was exceeding 180 and I was
beside myself.

We stood there for about 30 seconds while I tried to make a decision.


The noise started again.  Jump.  Jump.  Jump.

That was it.  I was outta there.  I believe there may have been quiet girly screams and we ran out of that bush (the whole 25 metres hahaa) all the way to the cars.

We sat there until it was light-ish and went back for Attempt #2.  

We actually ended up only doing 2 laps (10km) because we both weren't feeling well.  I'm still really proud that we called it off instead of pushing through exhaustion and lack of energy.  I'm also proud I didn't end up in hospital that day - if we kept going feeling unwell we may have
Some of the lovely girls from this mornings walk
done just that though!  We listened to ourselves and called it a day.  The unexpected fear factor challenge was enough for our poor hearts anyway. :)

And that's where I got my idea to finally try kangaroo this round ;)  I'm not scared of kangaroos as such, but I am when I hear them jumping in the middle of the night in the bush on the side of a mountain!  I am just scared of all animals.  Funnily enough I went on another bushwalk
The 9 faces of fear of animals this morning
with Alana today (this time when it was light at about 5:30am and with a whole stack of other girls) and we saw 3 kangaroos!  In the wild!  I was Jumpy McJumpison but I survived.

Far out.   

Now seriously, IF you hear me say that I am going on a bush walk...with a head lamp...any time between the time of 12am and 5am...please send me links to this and the princess blog post and slap me over the head.  I will remember, and I will not try this again, I promise.

Oh, and by the way, while we were walking, I did Google wolves...and there's none in Australia.  So you can all relax ;)

Photo for Jodie

The gals from this morning

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  1. You're so funny gorgeous girl. You could never let me down :) So glad you faced your fear of kangaroo's, next time we hike at 3am I'll bring the headlights and the earphones :)