Saturday, 16 November 2013

My podcast interview

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a lovely couple who run an American endurance training company, "90 Revolutions".  They asked if they could interview me as part of a 12 part
podcast series they're doing with runners around the world titled "Why We Run".
We did the interview via Skype, and there may have been some pyjama wearing involved :) as it was very early in the morning in the USA and late at night in Australia when we recorded it. :)  And it was awesome.  Jody and Steve are the most amazing couple and just lovely people.  I have dreams of running together with them in the USA!  Their passion for life and for running is reflected in their company and the work they do - check them out at:
90 Revolutions
The interview we did has now been released so if you have a spare hour and have a desire to hear me rabbit on about running and goal setting, well then here is your chance! lol.  It's audio - you can hear it on their website here:
The Metamorphosis of Coco Girl 
and it (and the rest of the series) can also be downloaded in iTunes.  Just search iTunes for '90 Revolutions' and download their podcast app. My interview is called "The Metamorphosis of Coco Girl" but I also recommend listening to the other interviews - there's some amazing people out there - and the rest of the series is coming...I think I'm 'Episode' 4.  And please keep in mind that I am in no way whatsoever an expert or professional in anything like this - I am just Kate, who runs, and this is about what I have learnt, in my own words. :)
Enjoy! X

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