Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Smashing it :/

So my good ol’ Joshua Kadison who I like to quote was right and sometimes things turn out just the way you planned. The operative word being ‘sometimes’. Coz sometimes they definitely don’t! Just like my last week. I had planned to do well and smash Week 1 (and beyond). Well smash I did, however it wasn’t Week 1 that I smashed, it was my car. :( I had a car accident on Thursday...and that definitely wasn’t in my plan.

I was driving to work, my first day back from holidays. I’d lamented to my friend just 20min. earlier that I wanted the rest of the week off. I was going back to work on a Thursday...couldn't I just have had the next 2 days off too? I was just being whingey, I do love my job. Well, be careful what you wish for. I got all the way to outside of work, and as I was exiting a roundabout, a car tried to enter the roundabout on my left without giving way to me, and I smashed into them. It was head on for me, the side of them, in a T-bone.

I was then trapped in my car for 10min.; I couldn’t open my door. I didn’t know what to do! I was in total shock. And no one came to help me! I'm still upset about that. There were a few witnesses to the actual accident, not to mention the people in the other car - and it was peak hour in Brisbane. And not one person came to check if I was ok. Pretty disappointing. Last month some friends and I were first at the scene of a minor accident and we stayed with the people for 2 hours - that's what people do isn't it? :(  (Later on a few work friends came out to help me and were amazing and my family and friends have since made up in the love stakes - but when it initially happened....not one person even came over. :(

I tried to call for help but eventually realised I could crawl out the passenger door, which I did. I was in so much shock that I didn't realise I could do this straight away. :/  I got taken to hospital just as a precaution as I was in pain and pretty dizzy.  I just had chest/breast brusing, whiplash and back pain.  The occupants of the other car were unharmed also which is good - obviously, that is the main thing!  Everyone was ok.

My boot camp medal :)
I spent 3 days lying down - I was pretty sore and shaky for a long while after.  I got my 2 days off! :/  I missed several boot camp sessions and pulled out of a 10km fun run that I had on Sunday which was really disappointing.  Most of my week's been spent in a myriad of phone calls with insurance companies and hire car companies, visits to the police and trying to track down witnesses.  I'm fortunately fully insured and I've had it confirmed that it's 100% the other drivers fault, so I should be ok.  It's still very frustrating though.  I'm waiting to hear back about my car, but I think it's going to be a write off.  My very first car. :(

And so jump forward to today, weigh in day, and I have put on 3.8kg.  I said I'd be open each week this round (whose silly idea was that??) so today I posted my gain everywhere, as I promised.  That felt great.  Not.

I've been in pain and have been grumpy, shaky, stressed and not sure what to do about some things.  I've been eating shit and I feel out of control.  I can't blame it entirely on the car accident though - I've been through worse things before and I can't fall apart in the food department each time life throws a curveball!  But I guess I have this time though.  I'm disappointed in myself for not staying strong.  I know most of my downfall this week was due to poor planning - or complete lack thereof.  I haven't finished Pre-Season...I haven't got my plans up to date...I haven't organised myself AT ALL.  No wonder I fell off the smashed wagon!

Best trainer in the world, my trainer: Margie <3 xxoo
I have no plan or idea on how to get back on track right now.  My mind has been / still is preoccupied but I know that I will make a plan and know what to do.  Not sure when that will be - for my own sake I hope that I'll get my shit together soon - and I will be sure to tell you about it when I do. :)

On a brighter note I had my boot camp dinner this week - it's a bit of an awards night and I got given the Encouragement award :)  So lovely.

Will be back soon I am sure with grandiose plans and maps of where to next.  This is just a short and sweet post to tell you of my downfall week.  I'll get back up there.  Thanks for listening :) xoxo


  1. What a shitty end to your holidays Kate and I am gobsmacked at the lack of help after your accident :(

    Hang in there chicky, I know you will be able to pick up the pieces and get back on track but for now you need to focus on healing your body.


  2. Katie, I have had a helluva year thus far and have re-gained almost 10kgs.... Ive had to step back from the weightloss and concentrate on me. I deserve better than what I am doing to my body, but no matter how many times I tell myself that, after what I have been through, my mind is no longer believing it. So i have stepped right back to the simple things... respect myself, dont just say it in my head, show it by getting dressed nicely each day rather than staying in my pjs all day, paint my nails, buy new clothes, look on the outside how my mind wont believe i should feel on the inside (the old fake it til you make it, i suppose)

    anyway, I felt I needed to tell you that. Sending you huge hugs, I love the way you always land on your feet, (and running!) I don't even need to tell you "you got this." to know you have.


  3. Kate, the scales suck, pure and simple but keeping it honest and raw here is going to have to help. It's when we hide it, is when the problems occur and we get sucked down into the weight gain vortex. So now to move on, a clean week and reap the benefits next week. If food is the problem, blog everything you eat if need be. Anything to keep yourself accountable to you. xx


  4. My god people can truly suck sometimes, but at the same time others that you never expect will shine through. Sorry you've had a tough week but it's just a blip and you'll be back onto kicking ass in no time.
    Congrats on your encouragement award and just keep on trucking xoxox

  5. What a horrible ending to a great week... So happy to read that you are safe & there's no broken bones.
    Hold your head high, you will have a smashing round this is just the blip to get your heart pumping :)

  6. Thank goodness you walked away from it!

    But, chickey, by my read of this, I gotta say, you seem to be denying yourself being able to say You WERE hurt! "just some chest/breast brusing, whiplash and back pain" IS hurt. Not suggesting you dwell on it, but allow yourself mentally to acknowledge it and then you can move past it. It just feels to me like you are minimizing the accident by suggesting it was no big deal and beating yourself up for not being 100% on your usual game after it. You're allowed to say you were hurt!

    You have great spirit and drive and like things before, will push this past. Not saying to allow excuses, BUT, do be kind to yourself about potential aftermath from the accident. You're not being soft, or silly etc..

    All the best, Fleury xx

  7. I agree with Fleury. The accident was a massive thing in your week. It is okay to say I hurt and need to stop doing things and get over this. Then add the stress of worrying, insurance companies, hospitals and feeling guilty, your body has probably decided to hold onto what it currently has rather than loose weight.

    Relax, get well and then let everything fall into place. I know that sick horrible feeling after having a car accident. Wishing you a better week next week.



  8. I'm so glad you're ok!! I can't BELIEVE no-one came to help you! Geez!
    I was all gung-ho to bust it this Round when I had TWO family emergencies and then I got the hideous EKKA flu which has knocked me flat!
    I'm still printing out the exercise plans & when I'm well enough (fingers crossed Monday) I will pick up where I left off (Week 2 Thursday) .I'm still following the nutrition plan though.