Saturday, 3 August 2013

My goals for Round 3!

It's my favourite time....goal time! Time to set my goals for Round 3! I still have a bit of work to do on my Round 3 planning, as well as do Pre-Season. But I've set my weekly goals, and seeing as I'm spending my morning today in bed in my onesie, chilling out before the big day tomorrow, I thought it's the perfect opportunity to get these out there!

After my half assed attempt at my Round 2 goals (as of tomorrow I will only have achieved 3 of my 12!), I've transferred the rest to Round 3 and added in some more.

A list of my goals is here:

All I did from these goals in Round 2 was to do swimming training, went on the Brisbane Eye Ferris Wheel (& didn't break the carriage from my weight!) and tomorrow I will complete my first half marathon. (Far. Out.)

So! Moving onto Round 3 baby! 

My favourite thing about these goals is, as much as each one is a challenge for me, each one is something that makes me happy - that I really want to do.  Ahhh - I finally discovered the missing link!

I did a big description about these goals on an old blog post, so I won't repeat the long stories behind each one. If you're interested and would like to read the more in depth and personal reasons behind each goal, here's the old blog post:

Goal descriptions's a short description of each weeks goal:

Week 1: Start The Crazy (start training for the Round 3 finale fitness challenge - I promised myself at Round 3 in 2012 that I would enter it in Round 3, 2012. (What was I thinking??)  So I am going to start training!

Week 2: Two Worlds Combine (bridge the gap between the life of Coco Girl and the life of Kate - I am one person. No need to separate them so much).

Week 3: Girls on Glass Mountains (climb a Glasshouse mountain: Mount Ngungun)

Week 4: 1, 2, 3, 4, Do It Just A Little More (climb Mt Coot-tha's Kokoda track 4 times in a row)

Week 5: Kate Jordan (play basketball!)

Week 6: Breathe...And Repeat (relax...somehow...coz I never can)

Week 7: Days Of The Old Schoolyard (This is a new one...and a fun one. When I was in high school, I never did the school cross country run properly. I either had a conveniently timed musical practice, I wagged, or walked at the back eating M&M's in utter schoolgirl defiance of how could they make me EXERCISE! Things have changed this year, Week 7 I'm going to sneak into my high school and run the cross country course! Better 16 years later than never!) :)

Week 8: ...And...Release... (Another new one. I'm going to climb Brisbane's Mt Coot-tha insane Kokoda track with a weighed backpack containing the weight that I have dropped as at that week. Then at the top of the mountain, I'll throw it off me like they do on The Biggest Loser :) This is a symbolic and personal milestone for me and anyone who wants to join me.

Week 9: Fly Like A Bird And Glide Like A Swan (go to a theme park! And go on a ride where I won't flood a ride and have the ride operator publicly laugh at me)

Week 10: 10 for 10 (run across Brisbane's Story Bridge 10 times, at night: just coz!)
My updated inspiration wall!  Getting ready for Round 3

Week 11: For: Me (do something special, for me!)

Week 12: The Ultimate Goal (get to my goal weight!)

That's them! I'm going to work on these ones better than I did in Round 2! Wish me luck....and please think of me tomorrow as I complete my 3rd goal from Round 2, AKA the biggest thing I have ever first half marathon :) xx


  1. I have loved your blog Kate, you are truly inspiring. Good luck for tomorrow, when the going gets tough take it one step at a time. Your 30+ Crew are behind you all the way xx

    Kylie Flack

  2. Wooohoooo go gorgeous :) Hopefully I can be at finale to cheer you on xxxx

  3. Well Kate, you are trully inspiring. So much so that in week 8 while you climb Mt Coot-tha, I'll climb to the lookout over my town (Denman NSW). I'll do the weighted backpack. Let me know what time you are going so I can go at the same time...we can be both climbing together...just not together...does that make sense???

    You are awesome!